My what a wonderful family you have!  

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5/14/2006 4:43 pm

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My what a wonderful family you have!

This weekend I had the benefit of being in my cousin's wedding in Nashville. I've only been in two weddings that I can think of, and my role in both was minor. What is it about weddings that causes people grab family members that they don't ever talk too and put then in situations that they don't want to be in?

My first wedding experience wasn't that bad. My friend/co-worker asked me to do a reading at her wedding. Since I used to read at church all the time when I was little, and the fact that I consider myself an excellent reader I was actually flattered that she had asked. I got to wear my favorite suit (ed. note: Mr. Ryder looks damn fine in a suit) and stand up in front of a large group of friends, so my ego was stroked and all was right with the world. The wedding party even went so far as to have a song dedicated to me at the reception, but that's a whole 'nuther story.

Anyway, this go round I was asked to be an usher. I didn't really want to, but it'd just be plain rude to say no. Because of a complete lack of communication on my cousin's part I didn't go to the rehearsal (still trying to figure out who gets married on a Friday night) and come to find out, neither did any of the groomsmen. So this puts us at Friday morning, the day of the wedding. I'm in Louisville, the wedding is in Nashville, and I have no idea where to pick up my tux or where I need to be at what time.

My sister and I leave at 1. On the way down my aunt calls to inform me that I hadn't picked up my tux (no shit) and that I needed to be at the place at 4, fully dressed and ready for pictures. Where was this information when I asked two weeks ago? This left no time for me to try on my tux- my cousin was just going to have to bring it with him and hope for the best. I get to the place right at four and the groom hasn't even shown up yet. I proceed to wait for an hour+ before he shows up and I throw the tux on in a side room with 15 windows. Then I stand around for another 45 minutes or so with all of the other groomsmen before pictures start, but we're not in any of them. Just the bride and groom (As a photographer I have to say that in every wedding I have done I have NEVER shot them together BEFORE the wedding. Maybe that's just me).

Anyway, the other guy that's supposed to usher with me cancels, so the wedding director takes the groomsmen and puts them to work with me. Now, I didn't think that my job was that important to begin with, but now it's downright pointless. In the end I don't walk anyone down the isle during the ceremony and I was left to watch the whole thing standing in the back row. I'm in like 2 pictures with the wedding party, and it took everything I had to make myself look comfortable in a suit that didn't even fit me. Crazy.

Personal bitching aside, I did have a good time this weekend. The wedding was beautiful (I heard her parents took out a loan, and after seeing things I believe it) and the company was great. All of the family was there with the exception of my dad and grandfather- one is in Florida taking care of the other. Some older cousins of mine who never show up to the reunions were there and even had everyone over to their house the next day, so all was right with the world.

It was weird to see my younger cousin married before me (I don't think anyone in the family saw this one coming) and for the rest of the cousins to all bring their significant others. The youngest is 21 and has a kid already, and I can remember when she was in diapers. Life has a funny way of taking you places that you'd never thought that you'd go and putting you in situations that you had never imagined for yourself, but all in all I wouldn't have traded this weekend for the world.

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