It's All Fun and Games 'Till Someone Loses a NIPPLE!!!!  

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9/10/2006 7:42 pm

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It's All Fun and Games 'Till Someone Loses a NIPPLE!!!!

I'm serious. I wouldn't kid you about something like that. The story:

I went out and played paintball today. It's getting to be a regular occurrence. (Ed. note-Not to worry, Mr. Ryder took his bug spray this time. Actually, he stayed completely clear of any woods, just to play it safe. Please refer to previous blogs for the inside joke.) I was sure to keep my head down to limit the amount of neck hits, and of course packed the cup to protect the guy downstairs. But what I didn't consider is a direct hit to the NIPPLE!!!!! I swear to God I've got to be in the worst nipple pain ever!!!!!!

I little backstory on my nipples. I used to think that they were completely wasted on me. A dead body part. Then a girl introduced me to the wonderful sensations of having my nipples played with. Licked, sucked, and even bitten. Mr. Ryder was in heaven. I'm convinced that there is a nerve ending that starts at my nipples and runs straight down to my balls. If you're ever looking for a way to get me hard instantly, there is the key.

Alas, the weapons of good have been used for evil. I took one today square in the titty, and I haven't felt right since. My right nipple is in a constant state of erection, and it feels as if a baby alligator has latched on and I can't get him off. What's worse, the super-sensitive skin is twinging, causing me to jump every couple of minutes or so in "get the hell off my titty" pain. It's not pretty.

I considered taking a picture and posting it for you all to see, but I figure I'll wait till my tit turns purple. That way you can view the whole color gamut of agony I'm in right now. 'Till next time dear readers.

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