Where to Begin?  

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11/17/2005 4:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where to Begin?

Hiya all,
Thanks for reading.
Well it's 12:00, it's -5 outside and I've been out on my motorcycle to stop from going stir.
Maybe once I'm done here I'll find a chat room, turn on my webcam and jerk off for whoever wants to watch.
Done that a couple of times, like to know I have an audience, would be nice for the girls to chat but mostly seems they want the money shot and that's it.
Can't say I blame them though, the Guy to Girl Ratio in any room is hugely one sided.
Ok so, my prospects for sex in the future, good.
My prospects for Sex tonight, nil.

Why do none of the Basingstoke girls reply to my messages?

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