Still Not Getting Any  

ChicagoIs4Lovers 32M
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11/30/2005 12:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Still Not Getting Any

Dude, this isn't going to be a very good week, I can tell alredy.

I have so much fucking work to do and quite frankly don't want to do it.

And still no sex.

I need to get laid some time this week.

I think one of my problems besides the complete lack of social skills I do (or in my case don't) possess may have some effect.

Then again I also think it's the lack of a cock pic.

Prove me wrong, ladies prove me wrong. Check out my profile, send a message while you're at it.

...and once again, please, no guys.

On a lighter note I've decided that I will have to use ice during oral sex because apparently girls like it.

That is all.

Oh, and I'm a caffine vampire now.

So anyone up for very long nights?

...again, no guys.


rm_cockmerollme 46F
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11/30/2005 1:02 am

OK, here's the plan. I have always had a thing for really weird guys. The more anti-social and awkward, the better you chances of laying me. Please, abstain from the cock pic. I'm telling you, all we do is call our girlfriends and say "Holy crap! Look at the bent motherfucker from Iowa! I'd never fuck him, even with your dick!" Use ice where? On my clit? that one. Try drinking hot chocolate before. Do you think it's wrong to put my cold feet on a guy's balls? My ex thought so.......


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