Chi_chobit 30F
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7/4/2005 5:04 am

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5/7/2008 7:52 pm


God....this sucks. I went to the beach and what not with my hot sexy bald friend who happens to be a girl. Shes such an utter tease. My ex just dosnt come around so im sex-less! Bleh i feel it building up and i just want to jump some bones. Like im doing this crazy thing where every guy i see i just envision having sex with him! Its kinda weird but its been getting me off. Like today at the beach this guy was hitting on me and my friend and he was blantently drunk beyond words and he came up behind me and pressed his crotch against me and it scared me and he just started rambling about i dunno, he was attractive but cmon, we were on the damn ferry which was pulling into the destination so i was like "uhm bye" he was prolly too drunk to realize anything so i just brushed it off and i REEALLY dont know why i dont fall for MEN and these little boys with no jobs, living with their mothers, with NOTHING on track I dont get it. WHAT do i do wrong? Hm....I think im just getting pissy because i havent had sex in a while like 4 days or somthing and im ready to grind against anything that wont quickly move away. BLEH! its like 7am or somthing here and im hungry and tired and my trip to the beach was fruitless.

I need a real man. Any idea where to find this? Just someone decent with a nice, STABLE, job, and you know clean and with a great sense of humor like me.

If you had a clone of yourself...would you indeed fuck yourself? I know i would Id fuck the hell out of myself. And id make my clone fuck my sexy girlfriends.

Anyway im out. Be good dont beat me up for bad grammar, or spelling or lack of class hehe.


Idunno135 34M

7/8/2005 1:05 am

Hope things turn around for ya. Got a good idea how you feel, been a while for me too.

"Lack of class?" Nah, Very open, nice quality to have.

Chi_chobit 30F

7/8/2005 4:57 am

thanks! im sure things will turn out

Masseur_0 42M

7/10/2005 2:13 pm

nice photos, sorry about your sex desert. I feel your pain (said in my best Bill Clinton voice). I would give you some good advice but if I had any I would have wasted it on myself long ago. But if I were a pole I would let you grind on me...Better yet, if I were near you I would let you grind on me...And I would only feign the struggle of a willing is right there...yea!

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