gotta love sex  

ChevyBuddy91 32M
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3/13/2006 7:09 pm
gotta love sex

I love sex because it is the best way for most people these days to express there true feelings towards the other member of there relation ship no matter what kind of relationship it might be.You could be single looking for some fun and that has no harm unless u like it ab-it ruff if u know what i mean, personally i like the fact the the last three ladies I've gotten in a relationship with have been older than me by three years of age and eight years of age and the most recent of relationship was fifteen years different and that happen to be the best one out of them all but it all came to an end moat things thought to be good always end up in flames for me that is. So don't be bothered by me being only twenty years of age, age to me is just a number not who you are.But i love sex and i do like trying new positions out and being adventurous.

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