Chapter Four: The Dress & The Salesman  

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Chapter Four: The Dress & The Salesman

As soon as she gained the smooth sidewalk, she removed her sandals and went barefooted. She was never one for shoes and this afternoon was no different than any other in that regard.

Popping into a small dress Shoppe she had spotted close to the resort, she had noticed a sweet summer dress in the window from the street. Upon entering the Shoppe, she noticed a handsome younger man behind the register checking out another customer.

He must have been at least 10 years her younger, and stood at least 6' if not some better. He had chestnut colored hair, cut in a shorter style with the top left a little longer than the shorter sides and deep blue eyes surrounded by long dark lashes. Upon a glance, his lips were full and when he smiled at the lady he was serving, his teeth were all straight and white. Not too skinny and not a larger man by far, but athletic by stature.

Turning her focus away quickly she chided herself for the smile that instantly came to her face and went directly into searching the store for the dress that caught her eye in the window.

Just when she had found it, the young man came up from behind her and asked if there was anything, he could help her with... startling her from her own private thoughts.

He noticed she had jumped a bit and her cheeks became instantly flushed.

"Are you alright Miss? I didn't mean to take you be surprise like that!"

As they both began to laugh, she out of embarrassment and he from seeing her initial reaction to him.

"No, no... I was.. ummm.. Just lost in my own thoughts. I'm ok, really." She said was amused at herself, half embarrassed for what she had been thinking when he caught her in the act, sort of speak.

"Was there anything I can help you find perhaps?" He was being a bit overly tentative and she didn't mind it a bit.

"I was walking past when I seen that dress in your window and I was just looking for my size is all, when you walked up that is." Again blushing a bit and adverting her eyes back to the clothing rack instead of looking into those dreamy dark blue eyes of his.

"Maybe I can help you find it then... what is your size?" Now he was blushing a bit and feeling a bit awkward too. He had to ask, but it wasn't that easy to do looking at her deep green eyes. Eyes he felt he could get lost in, given a half a heart beat.

"Oh! Ummm.... a size 14?" She stammered a bit, still feeling as big as a house, compared to her teen years when she wore a size 5.

Smiling he just plucked through the clothes and came up with the last size 14 he had on his rack.

"I think this should do, then." He smiled and then added, "The perfect size in my opinion, if I may say so Miss”.

At which point she turned a deep shade of red, looked downward, and asked softly, "A dressing room?"

"Yes, ummm... just over here. I'll... I'll get the key and be right there." He stammered a bit embarrassed himself by his own words and walked behind the counter to get the dressing room keys from the register.

A moment later he walked up and unlocked the door, allowing her in and said, "Just holler if you need anything else at all Miss. I'd be happy to get anything you might need, should you need anything at all that is." With that he walked a bit away and pretended to refold some blouses that didn't look like they needed the attention at all, but for the sake of staying near... to him they were a disaster.

Inside the dressing room she had to sit down and take a breathe. Yes he was handsome, sweet, a gentleman, tall, dreamy, and all the other things she was extremely attracted to... But!!! She had just that morning left a man she had spent too much time with and begun to get overly close to and she knew this one had the potential of being just as dangerous to her emotional state.

So she sat there for a few minutes trying desperately to pull her over sensitive emotions back in order, before trying on the deep v neck white dress with mother of pearl buttons all the way down the front.

Looking in the mirror, it came down to a tea length on her... a few soft inches above her ankles and split in the front a few inches more. She had fashioned the button's to close just at the bottom of her ample cleavage and only as low as her mid thigh, leaving plenty of visage for both her full breasts and her beautifully long legs. With the white lace Frederick’s bra she was wearing and her matching white G-string, it was perfect.

Stepping back out of the dressing room, she stood before the triple mirror along the side. Turning slowly from side to side to check the fit and admiring the way it clung and shaped her chest and swung softly to his shapely hips, she smiled to herself. She hadn't yet noticed the huge grin the young man was wearing staring at her like he had never seen that same dress ever before in his own Shoppe.

Turning around to ask after a pair of open toed heels, she got a full view of his gaping grin before he could hide it and turn away.

All she could do was smile, blush, and turn her eyes down. All he could do was the same.

Regaining her composure, she managed to ask after the shoes and he managed to find her the perfect pair in just moments.

In addition, while she was trying on the shoes he had brought her, he slipped away and returned with a shear black, hand painted shawl. It had long tassels and deep rich colors of ocean blues, red corals, and shades of sea moss greens. It was simply stunning and simply the perfect accompaniment for wearing the dress out for an eloquent dinner and walk along the beach.

When he walked up with it draped across his arm, it caught her breath. As she slowly stood up, he asked softly...

"May I?"

She smiled and turned her back to him and said back, "Yes”.

As he slowly draped it over her shoulders and turned her around to face him so that he may dress the front perfectly, he smiled to himself. As if placing the finishing touches of a work of art. Then he stood back, turned her around once more in front of the triple mirror, and said; "Now that has found its perfect home."

Smiling at her image, she couldn't have agreed more and in a simply spontaneous act of gratification, she turned sharply, threw her arms around his neck, and hugged him with all she had at that moment!

"Thank You! You have no idea what you just did for me, but Thank You So Much!"

His arms had slipped into place around her waist as if they had a thousand times before, it seemed so perfectly natural to him in that very moment and then just as fast as she had grabbed and hugged him, a moment later she had let back go. He had never felt so full and then empty all at the same time as he did in those very brief moments.

To Be Continued...

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