I need your help... Part 4  

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4/12/2005 4:40 pm

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I need your help... Part 4

Continuing from part 3, the ultimate babe came to visit me. Did I mention that I live with my girlfriend? Yep, she came and saw both of us. There were still a few long hugs, though not as many. My girlfriend (and she is a wonderful girlfriend, an absolute angel, and I love her dearly) spent a bit of time with us, and the rest driving to drop us off and pick us up from places. All three of us went out one night and met a few of my mates. One of them started trying to pick her (the ultimate babe) up. I can’t remember the last time I was so annoyed and frustrated. I just wanted to grab him and tell him to piss off, she was with me. Of course, she really wasn’t though, because my girlfriend was…

The last day she was here the two of us spent the day playing on the beach and swimming, and when she left we had more long hugs, gazing into each others eyes, and pecks on the cheek. Then I went and saw her last weekend. She was having a party, and had promised me the spare bed. Then, she gave it away. We got back to her house and I realised this, as she said I could just sleep in hers. Part of me started cheering. But there was another girl there, and she said she was going to share the ultimate babe’s bed. What could I do, but sleep on the kitchen floor (actually, a sandwich did occur to me as well, but it wasn’t being offered… )

The next night though I was back there again. So was the other girl. We ate dinner and talked, until the other girl left. The babe had suggested a DVD for that night, and despite it being 11pm she put it on. Of course, we were both on the couch, and of course, she ended up wrapped in my arms. When the video finished we both said right, well, guess it is bed time then for about 5 minutes, but she wasn't moving. Finally, she got up and went to brush her teeth. Afterwards I brushed mine, and by the time I came back she was making up her spare bed.

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