I need your help... Part 2  

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4/7/2005 7:15 am

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I need your help... Part 2

So as I said, I seem to get a fair few invitations of one sort or another. I pretty much always say no, 'cause I am pretty much never single. Occasionally I feel bad, and wonder if I am being cruel to these girls by leading them on, but then I think that half the time I don't even have to consciously flirt and they still ask me out. I think possibly my world today is full of blokes who are so confused about how they should treat a woman that they get too scared to talk to them, or to tell them they look good when they do. So it is all easy pickings for me.

But of course, I don’t always get the ones I want. And that has lead to my problem now. And I love this forum, ‘cause here I can talk about it and explain, and maybe even get some feedback. Nowhere else in the world can I really mention this.

You see, back when I was 16, I met the ultimate babe. The first I saw of her was her legs, sticking out from under a desk (of course, we were in school at the time) and I decided instantly I had to talk to her. I spent the rest of the class trying to catch her eye, and it must have worked, because at the end of the class we hit the door together and she started talking to me. These days, I perform under pressure. Back then, I didn’t. I crashed and burnt. I made a joke, but it was a bad one, and she got offended. I spent the next six months working my way out of that hole and into the good books. Finally, I decided to try my hand. It was a fantastic, fine, sunny Saturday morning, and I turned up on her doorstep looking to ask her out.

Unfortunately, it was her mother who answered. I asked if she was in. Yes, but sorry, she couldn’t see me. She had chickenpox. I was stunned. By far the best excuse I had (or have) ever heard. So I left, and decided that the time was right, I was a man of action, I would just have to ask her the next time I saw her.

So close… and yet so far. The next time I saw her, she was with her brand new boyfriend. I was crushed.

So now you are thinking that my tale is one of unrequited love, which, well, it might be, but it certainly isn't that simple...

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