Back in the saddle again...  

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4/14/2005 7:10 am

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Back in the saddle again...

All right, I have started training again. I am thinking this is not the type of restarting training that I have done in the past, I am thinking this time I might actually stick with it for a while. I nominally started a while ago, but honestly expected to stop again. My body is rapidly getting old, and tends to break. But this time it hasn't. It has been a couple of months now, and it is still intact.

I am starting to feel good. Finally. It is like I am waking up. I rode this morning, and felt amazing. I was still going slow, but I was going. I climbed a mountain, and the sides were shrouded in mist. The road wound through bush. Coming up it I could see fingers of god lighting the road in front of me. I hit the top and the sky was perfectly clear, a glorious deep blue. Looking out I could see mist covered houses heading out until the sea. It was fantastic.

I am feeling strong. My body is changing shape. My legs are coming back. My jeans are suddenly loose at the waist band and tight around the quads. My mind is shifting. When I see a problem I am not worried, I just work out how to fix it. I feel great.

I might not race. I don't know. That is a lot of time and work. And it would be so disappointing to be suddenly racing at a low level and still not winning. So I might not race. On the other hand, I might...

Bet you are all thrilled. I just felt like telling someone. So what do you think, should I race?

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