I can do it better...  

ChateauDweezel 63M/38F
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6/6/2006 2:59 am
I can do it better...

Cabbage has decided she wants to reshoot her machine video, because she's certain she can do it better. Mind you she has absolutely refused to watch the first one she shot, which I of course adore and hold among my most treasured possessions. There is only one other human who has seen the video, my trusty sidekick Boogerhead, and he was suitably impressed. Nobody else is ever going to see it, unless by her permission and there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that that will happen. Still, she is convinced she can "do it better" never even having watched it.

It defies the rational mind how Cabbage can make a statement like this, although defying the rational mind is a sort of hobby with her. The thing is I have noticed that women have an uncanny ability to pick out what they consider flaws in pictures and videos, completely oblivious to the fact that the gestalt adds up to a very hot item. Whether it is their picture or another woman's they have the awful ability to ferret out every flaw, blemish, and errant wrinkle or fold, as if they were the proud discoverer of a new disease. They can frequently tell you what kind of make up the subject was wearing and exactly what she was trying to hide with it.

I am fairly sure this isn't a "Cabbage thing," but a "girl thing" though one risks being flung into pretty deep poop by even certifying that there are "girl things". All women seem to do it. It seems the idea of having men see them naked in a picture, while daunting, is as nothing compared to the CSI like gaze of the little friends, enemies, and whatever within their own gender. The fact that we may get to see them au naturale and get the natural tittilation that comes with that, they seem to almost shrug off. The prospect of having other ladies looking at their pics is what seems to be the major impediment.

While the male mind declares "alright! Tittie pic!" and figures out ways to enlarge it and search for any others that may have been missed, the female mentality will strip the picture to the bone, and critically evaluate minutia that I wouldn't notice in a million years, and absolutely bend over backwards to mentally flay the unlucky subject of the photo to no particular purpose that I can figure out.

I don't suppose there is anything to be done about this, but for my part, and I think on the part of males as a whole, this is a sad state of affairs. I personally have seen very few nude pictures that didn't interest me in some way. I don't recall that I have ever said "She should have kept her clothes on." Trust me guys, I think on this one we may be just a side show. I notice Cabbage is tickled by the idea that Boogerhead has seen her video, and I suspect she's hoping he'll mention it. I am also very aware now of who she never wants to see it. although the "why" still baffles me. Must be a "girl thing."

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