things to do before i....gulp....die  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 48F
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11/18/2005 8:30 pm
things to do before i....gulp....die

hi all. ok, so this blog is actully being written by me.

i'm on a board of directors for an association that i belong to. my position is to educate our members. about 250 of them. hard to please, no matter what my needs assessment and focus groups report....i just can't please everyone.

so this summer i hired a speaker who taught life lessons... and one of his pearls of wisdom that was bestowed upon our members was to write out 100 things that you want to do before you die. he taught us that the items that were important to us wouldn't reveal itself until we reached number 60 or 70. and the last 30 or 40 items are our deepest desires.

so, armed with this knowledge i opened up a fresh page of my journal and proudly wrote MY TOP 100. every once in a while i'll add to it. sad to say this is all i've come up with:
sky dive
live abroad
speak professionally
foster a child
rehab a house
learn to sing
live in a small town
learn piano
go the the derby, preakness and belmount races
travel across america in a car with no time limit
learn to paint
zip line and rapel in costa rica
climb a fourteen (came close when i lived in co)
overcome fear of horseback riding

and most obviously - learn to spell...heehee

so, what does this say about me. i don't think i'll be able to reach 100 = will i never find out what's truly important to me?

i think i know...but just not ready to admit it.

goodnight, sleeptight...

tmdt4u 62M

11/22/2005 6:42 pm

I think my daddy may have made a better speaker when he talked about we have a birth date and a death date there really not important because nothing you havn't done was going to happen but everything you do lies in the dash .Today and most of my life I try to live the dash .Do what is in front of you go the placeses you can see the things that are there and turn of the TV.

2muchwoman4some 42F

11/22/2005 12:47 am

number one - that's a great pic.
number two - interesting that your list so far is all about activities that will be accomplishments of some sort. I think they're all neat, and it made me feel great to see that I've actually done a couple of them. Maybe the tough part of the list is the part about fulfilling dreams that are more abstract and emotional? I'd love to read more as the list grows.

Yikes - my security number to type below is 777!

DirtyLilSecret61 56F

11/18/2005 9:04 pm

Interesting list you have there. If you want to learn to paint, you can start with my garage - it needs a new coat of paint.

Oh, wait ... did you mean Bob Ross kinda stuff? (rolls with laughter) My bad!


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