drama...in life - what it is. life. drama  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 48F
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3/10/2006 8:30 pm
drama...in life - what it is. life. drama

so why do most profiles say they are not looking for drama. isn't life drama. isn't that what makes up life....drama? everyday life is drama. we're a culture that is so extreme that jerry springer and such come to mind when we refer to drama.

why is that? why does everything have to be more? why does everyone have to be first? why do we talk to make ourselves took better to others? why are so many insincere, envious and mean?

am i pessimistic? you betcha...well, sometimes. it's hard, especially when you work in the service industry. especially in the hospitality industry, and especially in the hotel and airline business. people are at their worst when they travel. they're stressed, tired, pissed about being out of town (unless vacationing)and always cranky.

and even though i work in a hotel, i travel. i get stressed, tired, pissy about leaving my animals and cranky. i understand. lol.

glad to be back from chicago. long trip, no hookups and clients that cxl at the last minute.

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