a personal message to you...why did you disappear?  

CharlieOnTheMTA_ 48F
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3/12/2006 7:10 am
a personal message to you...why did you disappear?

sometimes people just don't click in person. it's a fact. the internet and chatting allows us time - to think, to react, to be witty, to re-evaluate exactly what was said. but meeting face to face is a different story all together...

i've been on this site for awhile. mostly to hook up when i travel. but i've met a few great local guys on it.

some i've never met, but chat to when i can.

some i've met before even chatting and it turned into good times that lasted for as long as they did. some didn't turn out so good.

sometimes i've gotten wrapped up and thought we were dating...sometimes the men get wrapped up and think we are dating.

and sometimes, you don't click. and that's ok. it happens. and usually when it happens both sides intuitively know it. you know when you don't click, you have that inner instinct. we both have it.

just don't be a prick and disappear. say goodbye, say it wasn't there for you. otherwise you make me feel used.

and that's not nice. don't be a prick.

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