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I Remember

Can anyone think if I left something out?

I Remember

I Remember going to Coney Island whenever the urge came
I Remember walking to Grandma’s house every week
I Remember sitting on the stoop and just talking with the children and adults
I Remember playing “Skully” and stickball in the streets
I Remember going to Shea and Yankee Stadiums
I Remember learning how to swim at Tony’s
I Remember most of my childhood friends
I Remember my first “girlfriend” Emily Lanza
I Remember Lindsay before her accidental death at 15
I Remember Kathy, Antoinette, Lisa, Kim-Marie, Denise, Kim-Laurie and Odette
I Remember Dan, Jeff, Timmy, Bobby, Bill, Paul and Brian
I Remember Lori, the first girl I had sex with in 1976
I Remember my Grandparents approving of Lori very much
I Remember watching Giants stadium being built
I Remember the game for the state championship at Giants stadium
I Remember that game because we all snuck out and got lit the night before
I Remember sketching on the NYC buses in winter
I Remember the Christmas’s full of gifts that cost nothing but love
I Remember opening the gifts the week before out of curiosity
I Remember the Greek who owned the fruit stand on the corner and the love he showed me
I Remember the Greek letting me restock the baskets and the snacks allowing me to eat all I wanted for $5 a day pay
I Remember that same Greek taking me to his son‘s wedding and having a blast
I Remember sneaking on the trains whenever we could just for fun
I Remember almost getting caught at Jackson Day celebration in the picnic area with Lori
I Remember getting caught at Shelter Cove again with Lori
I Remember earning my NRA distinguished expert patch on the shooting range
I Remember my first day as an Ops Manager at the amusement park
I remember almost killing Terry when she lost her hold in the Cushman and slammed headfirst into a tree
I Remember Tami with her beautiful smile and personality
I Remember Tami before she killed herself after losing to Spinal Meningitis
I Remember Jennifer and what she did to turn all my friends against her
I Remember stuffing Jill Semanchik into a trash dumpster on a dare
I Remember loving Jill to this day and not having a picture of her at all
I Remember stealing a trash can and filling it with blue claw crabs one summer
I Remember bringing that same trash can on the trains to Grandma’s to cook
I Remember playing football and loving every play I did my job
I Remember TOGA’S
I Remember being sick in Cheryl’s lap at Tammy’s party
I Remember Tammy giving me an “aspirin” at the Party
I Remember Timmy and me jumping off the roof after playing Quarters
I Remember not remembering anything after that
I Remember the trouble my brother caused by doing the things he did
I Remember the closet catching fire because he was smoking in secret
I Remember beating the shit out of him for trying to buy acid in the schoolyard
I Remember Mom chastising me for hitting my brother until she knew why
I Remember the feeling I had when I tore the ligaments in my knee
I Remember laughing when I broke my arm in 3 places and the wrist in 2 places
I Remember Mr. Harriman’s face when I called him to me after I did it
I Remember Mr. Fiacco’s face when he heard the news
I Remember being scared of my first fight
I Remember a time when I was not scared of anything except love
I Remember the Haunted House fire at Great Adventure
I Remember the fire, smoke and painful screams that day from those kids
I Remember hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling my first taste of death first hand that day
I Remember having my heart broken again and again because I was shy or bashful
I Remember Roland’s dad losing control and beating us senseless for stupid things
I Remember Mom moving us all over NYC just to get away from the man and hide us
I Remember all the things that kids should never see while growing up in the 60-70’s
I Remember people sleeping in my bathtub on Saturday mornings
I Remember seeing people with and without clothes covering every square inch of my home sleeping
I Remember seeing and hearing sex at the age of 8
I Remember a Dad who was never my Dad but never made me feel that way
I Remember being treated just like anyone else in the family
I Remember the smell of the holiday’s coming from Grandma’s house
I Remember Grandma getting up at 3AM and cooking me food because I was hungry
I Remember having a bed wetting problem that doctors kept misdiagnosing
I Remember having black hair
I Remember my son being born at 3:39AM
I Remember taking him to see his first sunrise and the nurses freaking out
I Remember being good and bad
I Remember missing all of the people who have had a profound effect on my life

But most of all

I Remember being loved and loving them right back

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