Charlie17012 57M
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4/12/2006 12:57 am

Just a look at the inner workings of my mind...


Love is just a rare and fragile thing.
With two people clinging on to their dreams.
Forever hoping their armor never develops a chink.
And let their world come crashing down at the seams.

Honesty follows along a meandering course.
Always finding a way past every blockade on the road.
Twisting and turning to forge new pathways to follow.
Praying that two better than one can share this heavy load.

A partner’s needs, wants and desires require great understanding.
The ability to settle differences without false pretenses is a must.
These parts become the foundation for a strong relationship.
And not an association built solely on desires or of lust.

Just as DNA strands are the building blocks of life,
Love, Honesty and Understanding are the basis for any relationship.
Can you look into yourself and see these qualities in any amounts?
Or are you walking the edge of the fence, a precipice, hoping you do not slip?

(c) Charles C. 2002

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