The Matrix  

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The Matrix

The Matrix

Flash - “Yea”

Sharon - “Is everything in place?”

Flash - “You weren’t supposed to relieve me!”

Sharon - “I felt like taking a shift”

Flash - “You like him don’t you? You like watching him?”

Sharon - “Don’t be ridiculous”

Flash - We’re going to kill him, understand that!”

Sharon - “Perseus believes he is the one.”

Flash - “Do You?”

Sharon - “It doesn’t matter what I believe”

Flash - “You don’t, do you?”

Sharon - “Did you hear that!”

Flash - “Hear what?”

Sharon - “Are you sure this line is clean? I’d better go.”

A Room

AdultFriendFinder - “Hands on your head! Do it Now!”


Agent Fox ‒ “Lieutenant, you were given specific orders!”

AdultFriendFinder - “Just doin my job, and don’t give any of that juris-my-diction crap, you can shove it up your arse”

Agent Fox -“Those orders were for your protection”

AdultFriendFinder - “I think we can handle one little girl”

Agent Fox - “No Lieutenant, you men have already been seduced.”

The Room

AdultFriendFinder - Sharon laid waste all the men falling on her with some ease.

Sharon - “The line was traced, don’t know how?”

Perseus - “I know”

Sharon - “Any Agents?”

Perseus - “YES”

Sharon - “God Dam It! I need an exit”

Perseus - “There is a Log out in the Chicago Fun Room ‒ Go ‒ Go.”

AdultFriendFinder GIVE CHASE ‒ to late she made the Log out

Agent Feel ‒ “She Got Out!”

Agent Fox - “Doesn’t matter”

Agent Feel - “The informant is real”

Agent Fox - “Yes”

Agent Feel - “We have the name of their next target, the name is Vapour”

Agent Fox - “We’ll need a search running”

Agent Feel - “It has already begun.”


Computer: Wake up Vapour!

Computer: The Matrix has you!

Computer: Follow the White Rabbit!

Knock on the door…….

Vapour: “Who is it”?

Sam: “It’s Sam”

Vapour: “Your Hours late, have you got the information?”

Sam: “I have it and it’s not good”

Vapour: “The Computer it…. it…Do ever have the feeling that your not sure if you are awake or still dreaming?”

Sam: “All the time man…it’s called self delusion”

Sam: “You need some R and R man, you’re whacked out, why don’t you come to our room tonight,there is a girl that likes you and look, my girlfriend has a tattoo of a white rabbit on her arm”.

Vapour: “ No I can’t, I have work tomorrow”.

Sam: “What do you say gang, shall we take him with us?”

M: (girl) “Definitely” ‒ He sees the white rabbit….

Vapour: “Yea sure, I’ll go”


Sharon: “Hello Vapour”

Vapour: “How do you know my name?”

Sharon: “I know a lot about you”

Vapour: “Who are you”?

Sharon: “My name is Sharon”

Vapour: “I thought you were a guy”.

Sharon: “Most guys do”

Vapour: “ That was you on my computer wasn’t it?”

Sharon: “Right now all I can tell you is that you’re in trouble”

Vapour: “In trouble with who?”

Sharon: “I have been watching you, I know why night after night you sit at your Computer you’re looking for him, and he will find you, like he found Me.” I was the same, looking for an answer ‒but it’s not the answer that drives us, it is the question, it is the question Vapour, what is the

Vapour: “What is the Matrix?”………….


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