The Legions Withdraw  

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6/3/2006 8:22 am

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The Legions Withdraw

There was no one to blame but Vapour, he alone fucked up. He is responsible for the way he feels.

He wanted something he couldn't have and lost his mind and his self-respect.

We all have to pay for doing that. Vapour was not
a mad man, he was kind and generous and wouldn't hurt a soul - he just went abit crazy - he was smitten.

The Senate have conveyed and at the head - unknown in Roman history - a woman has been appointed.

She has ordered Trajan - CharlesAvalon to cease all activities regarding one particular enclave of the City.

He has failed her before, but he now orders his Legion away from the hill overlooking the City and back to Rome. There will be no War - Trajan see's the wisdom in her words and has come to his senses at last.

Trajan pledges his loyalty to her and places his forces at her disposal.

They march silently away with Trajan at the head, his head bowed - the sorrow real.....

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