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3/3/2006 7:44 pm

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So...this is my first blog. Blah-g, maybe. Its Friday night and I'm too pooped to pop. Well maybe not exactly, "pop" has all kinds of meanings, doesn't it? I'm sitting here playing around with my profile, taking tests and a whole bunch of other crap, not exactly my idea of fun, but just don't feel like dealing with people right now.

So I'm wondering, is a silver or gold membership worth it? Honestly I can meet women at bars or at work, but there's something about this online deal that has a certain appeal to it. The anonymity of it, I guess. We're all just a picture and some words, and its easier not to deal with that whole "Quit lookin' at me you freak!" or "Stop stalking me you freakin' hippy!" BS. Of course, as with other dating sites, the ratio of men to women is ridiculous, its a total sausage party. And here's my broke artist ass with a standard membership and not sure if I want to post a picture up here just yet. Is there any hope?

Also, I added a "69" to the end of my screen name. Heh, 69. Thats awesome. Does crap like that help in any way? That extra oomph that makes the ladies say, "hmm, 69...that's awesome"? Probably not. Oh well. It's there. Love my monkey!!

Too much caffeine. Oy.

God of War was an awesome PS2 game.

Henry Rollins kicks ass. Weight is one of the best albums ever.

Emo kids annoy me.

Goth chicks are freakin' SWEET.

Ok. Enough for now. Peace n cheese.

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