Hard and Deep  

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4/27/2006 6:46 pm

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3/29/2007 9:43 am

Hard and Deep

I let my membership lapse. I wasn't really doing anything with it anymore besides looking at blogs, and those are free to view, so fuck it. I've already met one fine, sexxxiful lady on this site, and I guess for now that's all I need. That sounds kinda snide; actually, she's more than I coulda hoped for. Attractive, smart, funny, and sexy as all hell...oh fuck yes.

So I can't look at all the pretty ladies' profiles anymore. Ah well. Most of the "new members" that appear are nothing but bots, and the ones that have already been here a while seem to be either kinda jaded, unrealistic or already entrenched in their own little networks. Also, sadly, I'm quite nearly as shy on here as I am in real life, so that doesn't really help matters much either. Kinda pathetic I imagine. Ehh, fucknuts.

I'm really not all that picky myself...I like em tall or short, thick or boney, white or black...or brown...or yellow...olive...blue...mmm blue chicks are awesome. But I think those are just in my head. Blue hair is sweet too...artificially blue, that is...I love the MILF's but not the GMILF's. Come to think of it, funny colored hair is just hot. Pink, orange, whatever, bring it ON. Intelligence is a must, sense of humor is a must, but beyond those its all good.

Gee, can you tell how bored I am right now? Are you still reading this or have you moved along yet? Still here? Most excellent, you get a cookie. Better yet, you get to buy me dinner. How's that sound for a prize? Buy me dinner, and I will love you forever and ever...or until I get you in the sack, finish my business in under a minute thirty, making sure to jizz all over your face, tits and sheets before running out the door naked with all my clothes under my arm. Oh yeah, good times.

Something like that. And that is all. Peace.

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