Random thoughts 8/16/05  

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8/16/2005 1:50 am

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Random thoughts 8/16/05

so after i got off work today i came home and thought to myself, i wonder what it would be like to live elsewhere... i wonder if its any different... i mean what's so different about anywhere else? cars, people, buildings. It all matters on who you know and how you spend your time. most people hate where they live because they dont do anything, i dont mind it here, but i dont mind it anywhere else either, i know how to have a good time so i am good anywhere i go. but relocation really wouldnt be a problem for me now that i think about it. i mean if the chemistry is there, and if i really care about the person, there would be no questions about it.

another thing that really sparked me today was that i realized i have a fetish for older women. preferably 35 - 45. i have always had a thing for them. always. i have had sex with one woman who was in that age range about 2 years ago and i went longer, and harder than i think i ever have or will. i am curious to find out if it's just a one time thing, or if that really is my turn on. any takers? hehehe.

finally, i will be throwing a little get together this weekend... actually i have one every saturday, anyone curious on directions, let me know, i will send you my email account info.

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