The 5 year old & the Lap Dancer  

CelticFlower 51F
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3/20/2006 1:50 am

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The 5 year old & the Lap Dancer

I apologise to those of you who have heard this story.
Last weekend we went to an Ice Hockey game & had the luck to be sitting in the enclosure, with the players families. We are all wrapped up warm & sensibly, for the game.
5 minutes before the game started a lady sat down next to my smallest boy. She had spike heeled boots on, a skirt & close fitting jacket. She was very glamerous indeed.
As the game proceeded my little one started fluttering his eyelashes at her, smilling. She did the same back then she started to tease him & tickle him. He giggled & flirted some more, i sat & watched in amazement.
During one of the intervals my friend who gave us the tickets came over. She explained that the lady who was sitting next to my little one was married to one of the players but........BIG BUT.
She still worked as a Lap Dancer, in one of the clubs in Frankfurt. She is a lovely Brasilian lady, very sexy.
So there we go my 5 year old blond haired, blue eyed angel/devil pulled a Lap Dancer.
So for all those men who need to find a sexy lady, i`m thinking of hiring him out........not!!!!!
Still smiling.

helga_hansen 50F
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3/20/2006 5:13 am

Lol Flower... just goes to show that the best way to pull a woman is to not even try!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

CelticFlower 51F

3/21/2006 12:54 am very true Cf xx want it i can get it. Maybe we should check out your dancing skills at the weekend.

CelticFlower 51F

3/21/2006 11:49 am

It depends whether you are a good boy or
Kisses, hugs & a dance............maybe

dutchpete 55M
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3/21/2006 10:58 pm

Let her teach yr youngster the salsa, comes in handy later on.
And maybe you will have one ice hockey player handling the right stick too.

wantonwill 61M

3/30/2006 7:30 am

nice reminds me of when my own son was abouth that age...we would go out on the town running errands and such, and man....he was a "babe magnet".....loads of hot women would flock to see his smile and cute eyes...and end up hitting on me!

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