Just more about Me,  

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7/24/2006 5:28 am
Just more about Me,

Just more about Me,
By nature I am a dominant person. A quiet, simmering type with a fun loving streak.
My philosophies differ from most Doms for the simple reason is that I will not play with any toy that has not been used on Me. This is out of respect to the submissive,
and at the same time I am learning more about Myself. Some would say I am a switch but I don’t agree, altho I am finding out that I am both masochistic and sadistic , with My preferences leaning towards the sadistic side. I like spanking, flogging and sensitivity play, but I have found a liking for other things as well. I’ve found that I enjoy the single tail, and after I have experienced it more I will learn to use it. So with this in mind, if you have questioned Me and My motives in the past, remember that I have and will keep traveling both sides to learn more so both parties are safe, and that mutual respect is there. The experience from both sides stays within My growing knowledge.
Scott baker

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