Another good weekend.........................  

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5/8/2006 8:45 pm

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Another good weekend.........................

Does any one else have a problem keeping up with there blog? It seems that every time I sit down to write something happens that pulls me away lol. Not all of it bad mind you. Hmmmmm sex or blog.....LOL. Well sex of course then you have material for your blog.

We had a great weekend but it could have been better. Where I work we are trying to put together some events for the families of the employees but have no funds. So we decide to get peoples junk donated to us and we would sell it at an annual yard sale that is like a city event in one of the neighborhoods here. No overhead, spend a Saturday haggling and talking with people, easy fund raiser. The donations started coming in last week and we began to go through them. I really had my doubts because we opened a couple of boxes and saw nothing but clothes. We found some men’s underwear (whitey tidies). They were clean at least but we decided to toss them. We were happy with all the donations but really why would anyone donate underwear? I hope that they just did not know they were in there.

Saturday comes and we were to be in place at 5 AM to help set up. I was the only one there...hmmm. The lady that volunteered her house to use for the sale came to the door and looked at me as if I may have forgot to bring some people with me. The lady, E, works with me but in a different part of our department. She is young, attractive, very tall, and damn skinny. Though she truly believes she is fat. (I just don't get that at all). So we begin pulling every thing out and getting it nice and organized. As we work we do the normal chit chat and complain about how few others we have there. Well really the only big thing we had happen during set up was she was going through another box that had been donated the night before and pulled out some pink panties. I thought finding the men's underwear was bad but nooooooooooo. These were used panties those that women use for a specific time of the month........ . She immediately threw the soiled, stained, nasty panties to the ground as if they had seared her hands and ran inside. I did not see what had happened at first. I walked over and saw them laying there and understood. I just found a stick and placed them in a trash bag. She came out still wiping her hands with a towel and cussing up a storm lol. I could not help but laugh and she just gave me the look. It was the same one that my wife gives me when she is trying to stab me to death with her eyes. Since E's nostrils were still flaring over the incident I decided not to push my luck.

The sale finally started and we were still setting up. E was calmed down now and even started to laugh at some jokes I made about the matter before. When things finally started to settle down I started to make a mental note about my day companion. E, though attractive, really had no sexuality about her at all. (Believe me I know sexuality). She was more of the sweet innocent inexperienced type really. Her husband, who woke up and decided to help us, was about the same personality wise and I just kept thinking I wonder what these two would say if they knew of my alternate activities. I was reminded of another couple I had met before, see A Good Deed at an Adult Toy Store.

The day was eventful we made 200. This might not seem like a lot but when you get it from selling junk that is good. I do have to say that my wife came and helped out with that figure. She has a very persuasive personality and could talk someone into thinking they need kerosene in hell. I was told I am more like a Carney cause I try and sell to anyone any way possible. My mouth gets me in trouble though. I guess I offended a lady. She was looking for maternity clothes and asked if we had any. I told her know but there was some large size dresses. I got the look from her, E and my wife (who also hit me). Hey, I was just trying to give her options.

I left there (after helping clean E’s place up) and was feeling a bit sunburned. I had a picnic to go to. Melissa was a bit ill that I took so long but I apologized and we went to the park (more sun). T & G was there and another couple J and Su. I apologized again to them for being late and we ate some really good burgers J had cooked up. Melissa and I had met these two before but we did not really play or anything. G was all sexy in her white tank top that showed a little cleavage (not enough in my opinion). I played with all the kids there for awhile; running, jumping, and rough housing. I began to feel a little pain in all too familiar place and set back and relaxed for a bit (last thing I want is to go through that again). Melissa tried to teach T and J how to roller blade. I have to give them credit they did better than I ever could. I can get on them and move pretty quick I just can not stop (without hitting a pole, a person or the ground).

G noticed I was just a bit red (like blazing hell inferno red) and brought some coco butter cream to me. She had me bend down and she rubbed the back of my head and neck. I know she was doing a good deed but I just could not help getting a little feel here and there. We were both ready to go at it right in the park for the world to see (well at least I was, she would have just had to fight me off, oh wait…she did have to fight me off Muhahahaha). Thanks for the rub down though girl.

As I watched Melissa try and keep T from making contact with the ground, Su got frisky all of a sudden, licked her finger and then applied it to my glasses (yes I wear glasses). Perhaps she felt like exercise or perhaps she heard me say, “I am so going to get you” but she then took off running. I took after her and from behind me I heard J exclaim, “Su, you are gonna have to run faster than that.” Indeed she should have, for I caught her. The first thing I look for on a woman is to see if she is ticklish. Yes, yes she was Muhahaha. We had a great time rolling on top of each other for a bit but then some real little ones got into the rough housing. So we backed off of each other. I extended my hand as a good gesture to pull her from the ground, turned around and no sooner than I had got to the van she did it again. I turned and grabbed her….in some places lol and down we went again (yes I am all about the cheap shot, feel or whatever). This time though she brought me over and I flipped. This was cool and really a turn on for a minute. I am sure I would have got a 10 on the gymnastic feat but would have been disqualified for my landing. Let’s just say she was the only one that day that touched me in a private area. Yep my balls landed squarely on her knee. It is very hard to be the tough man in the fetal position of the city park. The pain, the pain, the p…ai.nnnnn LOL… It was already sore from the rambunctious playing so I was definitely down for the day. I think the only one more disappointed though was Melissa. She heard what happened, grabbed Su by the arms and said Noooooooo. I tried to reassure Su that it was not permanent and explained the complications I have had prior to that day. We all cleaned up and said our good byes and grabbed a cheek or two when no one was looking.

I hurt for most of the rest of the night from sun burn and squished balls, so no play time for us. The next morning though, Ta Da. I felt really good and Melissa and I went at it. This is definitely noteworthy because Melissa usually will cum for me a few times but this time she had only one…yes one. Why was this, just one, so important? Well, this was the longest cum I had ever seen her have. It lasted like a minute. I found the spot when she started to cum and just kept pressure there. It was like an on switch and I wanted to see how long I could keep her flowing. Finally, she shoved me a way and said she could do no more. Next time though, we are going to go for two minutes Muhahaha.

All in all this had been a really great weekend; I can not wait for the next.

sexyariesgirl 59F

5/9/2006 6:31 pm

Yep..ticklish here too! Sounds like a wonderful weekend....much better than mine!!!!!!!!!

Power To FOK

Catharsis33 replies on 5/13/2006 12:47 pm:
It was. I think it is a shame that you did not have as wonderful a weekend. If you are ever around let me know and I will try and make sure it happens.

GentleCouple70 47M/48F

5/10/2006 8:38 pm

Next time I will bear more cleavage and spend more time working the lotion. G

Catharsis33 replies on 5/13/2006 12:48 pm:
Baby you know you just drive me crazy. I am looking forward to my next sunburn LOL.

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