A good night.................  

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4/23/2006 1:09 pm

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A good night.................

Well we decided not to go out last night but just have a BBQ with some friends over. It is was a nice change of pace. The friends we had over included people that we have played with. T and G were there. Sh was there with her friend P. However, these are friends that we get along great with even if there is not going to be any sexual activity at all. Since we have kids it is important to us have friends that know the difference in family time and fun time.

That is not to say we did not have some close calls. Our neighbor came over with her daughter and she was way past buzzed. Now our neighbor does not know anything about us as far as swinging goes. She is just a very nice person that wanted to hang out. Well apparently she is like Melissa in that when she drinks she becomes very sexual. As the night progressed she began to figure out that all of us there were more than just friends. Instead of being offended as I thought she would she began to be very very friendly with me. We had opened up a room to allow for dancing. She danced with me a few times and her hands began to wander a little more each time. She even began to try and get me to go downstairs with her. Don't get me wrong I would have done it in a minute but we don't play if there are kids in the house. Plus, she was also to drunk and that is just not right. I would hate for her to have done something that she regretted the next day. Maybe sometime when she is sober if she still wants to then I will consider it.

It is still hard sometimes to be good and follow the rules Melissa and I have set up. I would have really enjoyed taking G or Sh down since they were still in much control of their senses but that night was not about that. We all just sat in a room and talked all night. The kids had a ball and that was what the night was for really.

I can not wait for the next BBQ.....maybe we will invite some more neighbors next time to corrupt them too, LOL.

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