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Catdoc2000 58M
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7/30/2006 9:49 am

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New Profile

Well I recently updated my profile and invite gold & silver members to check it out. The bottom line is for all practical purposes I'm off the market. Too many things to overcome. 1. Logistics, we all have a life outside of meeting someone new and juggling that life along with setting up an encounter is a real challenge. 2. Supply and demand. There are 10 men for every woman out here looking and given those odds it takes an incredible amount of effort to find someone, get to know them and then meet them. I have managed to maintain this level of energy for the past 4 months and met with full success on more than one occasion. Which brings me to #3. Guilt. Those of you that have no real life and have delved into the deep recesses of my blog know that my wife was a virgin when we met and even though I practiced safe sex in these new encounters I had a real fear of contracting an STD. This took the fun out of gaining that "sacred ground" which I worked so hard to find. So like my profile says, "Stick a fork in me, I'm Done!" Of course if some HOT BABE wants to be my sex slave I may reconsider!

purpletrashcan 52F
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8/5/2006 8:24 am

Playing "safe" does take a wee bit of the animalistic spontaneous fun outta sex but sure beats the alternative,eh?

Pull My Fucking Hair!

Catdoc2000 58M

8/5/2006 6:07 pm

Well seems like your having fun at least!

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