A long boring post  

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9/4/2006 2:45 pm

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A long boring post

Considering the name of this post you get what you deserve.LOL As I stated in my previous post I spent the past 5 days at our land in Kentucky. I use the term our loosely since my wife seems to have lost all interest in it as a future home. I guess that for her the dream was shattered by the reality.. She wanted solitude and I wanted a place that offered the ability to become self-sufficient. I firmly believe that the good ol’ US is in for some hard times in the future. I won’t hazard a guess what form those hard times will take. They could be political or economic in origin and the trigger could be any one of a million different things. Anybody who went through the electricity debacle in California knows how the simplest things that we take for granted can really fuck up your life when the system breaks down. The best democracy in Greece lasted about 300 yrs and the Roman republic lasted about the same. Will the U.S outlast Greece & Rome? The answer to that in no small part is whether or not the net effect of technology is a plus or a minus. On a individual level it can easily be judged as a plus. The ability to know the thoughts and experiences of people from all over the world in real time gives us a power unimagined by the Greeks or Romans. However on an institutional level the answer is less clear. The media and those who lead are all to often more driven to propagandizing or promoting and agenda than educating. This is nothing new but the power they yield due to technology is greater than ever. The other great weakness is the number of people that for various reasons are disengaged and not seeking knowledge or truth. Again this is nothing new but with the speed of actions in the modern world one has much less time after the wake up call cannot be ignored to get up to speed. Who knows, the end result of this change could be positive. Like the civil war which re-wrote the balance of power between the central govt and the states which opened the way for us to prevail in WWII. (At the added cost of personal income tax and the 17th amend) ANYWAY I don’t harp on this and my wife knows my thoughts and feelings on the subject and chooses carry on while letting me know she isn’t wild about being a country girl anymore. Kind of a pasive aggressive thing IMHO To find this property we spent the better part of vacation for about 5 years looking. We zigzagged across Tennessee, Southern Colorado, northern New Mexico northern Alabama and the area where Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee come together. Kentucky offered us the required combination of cost, weather and accessibility. We bought this place in August 99. Nearly 100 acres, about 60 of it rolling bluegrass hills and 40 in timber. It is landlocked meaning there is no road frontage but we have a easement in one side and I’m working on another easement just in case I decide to split it later on. It was completely naked no water, electric or buildings. It had not been actively cared for the past 15 or so years and the fields were full of briars and young saplings. I bought a tractor and 6’ bushog and started mowing and clearing. Now we have water, electric a septic system and a foundation leveled and ready to build on. I have planted 22 fruit trees and plan on the last 10 or so to go in this fall. We now have beautiful nearly weeed free rolling hills of bluegrass with nothing but our own land in our field of vision from our planned building site. Next spring I plan on Grapes. I have learned how to make my own wine so We have an old RV that we gutted and refitted a couple years ago that serves as a basecamp. This property is the 500lb gorilla that no one wants to talk about because my future is here with or without her and she knows it…..

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9/4/2006 6:19 pm

Sounds like a lil slice of heaven....she will go with you!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

Catdoc2000 58M

9/5/2006 2:29 pm

Well she will if her parents come along! LOL They are good people, have enough money to build whatever they want and talk about getting a place there too or building on our land. It's just a matter of them actually doing it. They've been talking about selling their business for 10 yrs and haven't done it yet.....

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