Chain of Events  

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7/29/2006 4:13 pm

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Chain of Events

Peggy sat at her desk as she does five days a week. Usually it is somewhat slow and nearly boring most of the time. Peggy monitors five computer screens. On the screens are emergency calls that go out to the various agencies, Fire Department, Police Department, Ambulance services, Homeland security and an inner office system. As Peggy was situating her personal items in her desk, lunch and purse, the inner office system screen flashed an add for a sex site to meet partners. Before Peggy changed the screen back to the office protocol she noted the address and jotted it down. More out of curiosity than anything else. Peggy thought when she arrived back home she would check it out, if nothing she would get a laugh out of it.

Peggy's husband John worked as a firefighter, so their schedule was quite erratic, as John worked 48 hours on and 48 hours off. So this often gave Peggy a lot of time to herself. She and John were very happy with life so far. Peggy was a little curious about the web site and thought about it off and on all day. Her day went quite normal. Peggy knocked off at seven and went to the fire-station to have diner with John. After diner Peggy headed home.

Peggy got busy and forgot the website for awhile. During her favorite tv show she remembered the site and walked over and fired up the computer. Peggy made a cup of hot tea to drink while she waited for the computer to get on line. Peggy returned to the desk and sat at the computer and entered the addy for the site. The pictures that came up surprised Peggy. Men exposing their penis' women splayed out in various poses with various items. Peggy was no prude but became very curious about who these people were.
Peggy decided to set up a free account mostly to browse the site, and a free membership was the easy way to go. As peggy filled out her info into the member sign up log, it asked for a user name. Peggy did not want to use her real name and didn't want something to explicit, so she chose "Curious91".
Peggy entered the site and began to browse, she found the search engine and entered the info to start a search for men looking for women, set the age and hit the search button.
Peggy was not prepared for what filled her screen. It was mostly men from her state. As she continued, men from her town came up, and then she almost fell out of her chair. There was a picture of an old friend. This really got Peggy's curiosity going and the more she saw the more she wanted to see.
The find of all finds was when the profile that popped up, nearly took her breath away, was her husbands file. The thing about the file was she began to learn things about her husband that she never dreamed of. Peggy saw pictures of her husband in positions that she was both shocked and amazed. She saw her husband with friends both male and female. Reading his profile she discovered that her husband was Bi.
At first Peggy was filled with hurt and then she became angry, then the emotions that ran through her was astounding. Everything from fear, to out and out desire to kill him, embarrassment. Then the tears started and she cried for hours until she was completely exhausted. Peggy fell asleep there on the floor. When Peggy awoke she realized what she had to do.
When John returned that morning Peggy showed him her discovery. John was upset and he told Peggy that he never meant to hurt her in any way. Only Peggy had come to grips with the situation and she proposed to John that he introduce her to his world and she would withhold her judgment until she made the discoveries she was curious about and to see this world that John had been in.
Now Peggy and John are two of the biggest users of the site. They have both changed in ways that neither dreamed of. They discovered that they both like men and women and enjoy them together.

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/29/2006 5:21 pm

This post sounds like it could have been written about my husband and myself. Great post!

CaptLT 63M

7/29/2006 11:40 pm

Thanks angel It is pure fiction though. As with all stories there is a little truth to it, but not much.

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