I Dream of Green Avocados  

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3/1/2006 7:31 pm

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3/11/2006 6:37 am

I Dream of Green Avocados

I never dream, well, I never remember dreams. Except the ones that wake me up, but that’s usually because the twins are just too damn hot. Ok, I remember wet dreams. But that’s it, until last night …

Last night, I dreamt of green avocados. And peanut butter on bread.

This was weird. I mean really weird. In the dream, there’s a crisis. The team is working together to resolve it. And, at the crucial moment, the problem is documented.

The problem is a green avocado. If that’s not weird enough, this avocado is skinned. Yes, skinned.

Then, we’re shown two slices of bread. One slice has peanut butter slathered on it. The other has chunky peanut butter. Voices mutter, “See, they are NOT the same”.

Now this is where I start to wake up. And the odd part is that I’m still deeply engaged in trying to solve the problem of green avocados and peanut butter. It takes several minutes … but creakily, with fits and starts, my conscious wrestles my subconscious …

I remember that my first logically coherent thought was WTF?

What the hell was that all about? Avocados, peanut butter, bread? Where were the twins, dammit!

The next morning I say “you won’t believe this dream”. After she stopped laughing at me, she suggested that I look up the symbolism on the web. Maybe it means something.

So I did.


To see fruit in your dream, signifies a period of growth, abundance and financial gain. Fruits generally represent lust and sexuality. In particular green fruit in your dream denotes your hastiness and disappointed efforts. You need to work harder and longer in order to achieve your goals.

Peanut Butter

To see or eat peanut butter in your dream, suggests that you are having difficulties communicating your thoughts and ideas. It may also mean a misunderstanding; your words are coming out all wrong.


To see bread in your dream, represents the basic needs of life. Bread may signify the positive qualities and great things you have learned on your journey of life.

Another WTF moment …

That very evening before going to bed we’d finished off a bottle of wine (or was it two bottles?) discussing, you guessed it, sex. And we had both struggled to express ourselves, with false starts and confusion about what we were trying to express to each other. In the end we found common ground that supported each others needs.

Before this, I hadn’t put much stock in dreams. I’m a believer now.

Now that that is solved, I wonder … what do the twins mean?

I’m going to bed. I’ll let you know what I find out.

TzarsAmuseChant 42M
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3/2/2006 7:27 am

I hate WTF the dreams. They bug me all day long, thinking about tehm.

rm_1hotwahine 64F
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3/2/2006 7:00 pm

I keep wanting bananas to figure into the story somewhere. Sigh. Maybe next time.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
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3/5/2006 9:49 am

milkit7, thanks for the comment. Drat, no cheese (good fortune, winnings, etc.) in our recent dreams. On the other hand, we did hit the jackpot several times last Friday, if ya know what we mean!

citizen_five, we found several web sites with dream symbols. Next time you remember one of your WTF dreams, look em up. We were astonished.

1hotwahine, seeing a banana or eating one? According to "dreemmoods"

To see bananas in your dream, may be a metaphor for repressed sexual urges and desires.

To dream that you are eating bananas, denotes that you hard work will be met with little reward and gains.

Course, every time I eat a banana, that's not what I am thinking about!!!

lioness860, is something changing in your life? Or do you feel that change is needed? Fire can represent change or passion. And, oh please, explain what you meant by "PB". Thanks for stopping by and posting on our blog. Hope to see you back again soon.

flyaway1012, thanks for stopping by. We enjoyed your recent post, [post 256609]. Believe us, we know the feeling well. Be good.

mzhunyhole, Here's the deal, the next dream you DO remember, write it down as a blog and let your bloggers figure it out for you. Sounds like fun! Thanks for dropping by, we love seeing you here.

angelofmercy5 60F
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3/6/2006 6:15 am

Wow! I always dream and remember my dreams! I wonder if you would share where you got some of your insight here. PS I don't know how I missed this post.....I kept looking for a new date on my "watch" list. Must have been a glitch with all the new fandangled features they are adding here.

CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
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3/6/2006 2:28 pm

angelofmercy5, Good to see you again. To find the website, google key words: dream symbolism. We used the "dreammoods" website. Interesting stuff!

Hugs from us ...

CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
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3/6/2006 2:32 pm


No fair, if you want to hit on (us) or (who), you really ought to send us (them) an email. It pays to pay and upgrade to silver/gold.

Good luck to you.

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