life is a chore  

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8/1/2006 11:55 am

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life is a chore

Latest news, i cannot message any of you because of hacker man...and all of my blog entries do not post and none of my e-mails are received OR sent. that is fine--i've asked this person about it, dont know what he's up to but I just come here to post because I need to get my thoughts out.

so when the time comes, I will look for companionship off line. of course I will not be looking until i relocate. things are difficult but i am Bipolar so my depression should pass in a few months.

what am i up to in the next few months? I will be moving to a place i always wanted to live (upstate NY)Geneva, Waterrtown or somewhere in Madison. anyplace is better than my hometown, right? who wants to live where they grew up.

I think i get so down cuz i try and do too many things at once. Im finishing the MA online simply BECAUSE i'll be moving--must be mobile. see, i thought of everything and no matter where i go i can complete the classes. nothing bothers me more than leaving something incomplete. So--

Im not waiting until the last minute to start throwing things out. everytime i do that i end up taking tons of shit with me that i could have just thrown away. Ive come to the conclusion that people hold on to too much shit. If i go through 5 folders I end up keeping like 2 items from the whole stack. man i was really a pack rat.

nothing else to say. life is a chore, each day im working at it. sometimes i succeed and sometimes i fail. im still here for now.

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