Logically speaking...  

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8/6/2006 3:11 pm
Logically speaking...

I was going to make another entry but I got distracted for a bit. Anyhow, I really wish I had some privacy--as there are things I need to do online that are none of anyone's business. But at this point I don't want to download anything that could be more dangerous than the spyware (or whatever) in my computer already. I need a lot more knowlege and a lot of advice before I can do the right thing and even still, I was reading there is little that can be done about someone who intends to spy on you no matter what.

As I have written, I intend to move to another state. I have always intended to, and I move often. Usually I can take care of everything before I arrive--this time it might be difficult because Im relying on some other means for my rent. However, the real point is that im moving to the very State the Hacker Spy lives in. That would bother most people a whole lot but I've examined his behavior and conclude that he will never intend to interact with me and I'll never meet him.

It is like he doesn't know himself, because he hasn't figured this out yet. Everything is one-sided with him. As long as he receives a benefit somehow he believes the ENTIRE situation is taken care of. He does not look ahead to the future, neither does he look upon my side of the equation. For example, under the circumstances, how would i feel once we finally meet? Chances are that if he did change and want to be in my life for real I'd just be fed up by that point...but we've already established that he is not the type to 'be in my life' anyway. Yet because of his interference I will not be able to find any companionship other than his fake profiles, fake javascript and everything else. I look forward to having more of a life off-line soon. (I hope)

Anyway, I'm not the most stable person so the circumstances of my relocation have changed. Im not attending University where I'm moving to--not anymore. I would gripe and complain about how Hacker Man screwed that up...but it's not worth it. I just try to move on--no one else would have lasted as long as I have. Anyway, regardless of the 'circumstances' it will be impossible to completely hide (from this person)where I will be going and where I will live. So there are a lot of thoughts in my head right now.

Sometimes I am able to use a different computer and also have another laptop that hardly ever works...but for the most part it will be hard to hide everything. I'm being realistic here--there are areas in life where I am an expert THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM and I have very limited knowlege of computers. And at the end of this 'rant' I will just say that I'm usually right when it comes to logic, analysis, and reasoning. So pursuant to what I've just written in paragraphs 2 and 3 he does not intend to actually interact with me.

wish me luck then

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