I Don't Take Kindly  

CandyKissBaby 62F
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1/6/2006 8:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Don't Take Kindly

You better believe I don't take kindly to having my way of life threatened. I may be sweet & all, but don't you dare back me in a corner with threats, insults, or any other fighting words. I know how to stand my ground... I got four sisters & if you never seen a bunch of females get pissed... well you better cover your balls. It's not a pretty sight!

kiss XoXo

bigdaddy71365 52M

1/7/2006 7:29 am

Kiss, I am so sorry that you were trheatend, i havn't been here long, but from what what i've read on here you seem like a very special person & i'm pretty sure i know who your talking about, don't let it get you down you have to many posative things to talk about you did the right thing, i'm sure everybody else feels the same way, just put it all behind you!! now send me some loven

lol BIGDADDY!!!!!

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