Embarrassing Moments  

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10/15/2005 10:35 am

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Embarrassing Moments

The other day, I was talking with some of my family & we started remembering things from our past. We got to talking about dumb or embarrassing things we did, or had happen to us.
My mom brought up this one:

My dad used to be on a bowling league from work. He worked second shift & would bowl after work. My mom was always asking me & hubby to stop by the alley, have a drink & watch my dad bowl. One night we stopped by to do just that. It was very smoky & noisy, as most bowling alleys are when leagues are playing. It was also a surprise for my mom & she loudly asked me how I got hubby there. Not wanting to share my reason with everyone there, I raised my voice just loud enough for her to hear me, & wouldn't you know it, just as I opened my mouth to tell her I promised hubby a blowjob for coming with me, the alley went deadly silent. My voice was loud enough to carry down several lanes. Everyone turned to look at me & my face turned a very crimson red. To this day, my mom remembers the exact shape of deep red.

So... have you ever had any embarrassing moments where you wish you could just fade away?

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