Birthday Week  

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5/23/2005 12:08 am

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Birthday Week

Ya this one is about me. A lot of people out there only write about sex or what they want to do to a woman/guy, stuff like that. I have a compliments about my blog saying that it is nice that I talk about other stuff. Anyway... Today concludes my birthday week (I'm 22)! My birthday was on May 18th and we started partying on Sunday and it lasted to today (sundya). I think I have drank about 10 gals of beer and had many, many, many shots. We had another night of drunken kareoke at Sherlocks Pub on Bay Area. If you live in the clear lake/pasadena area of Houston then come on down. Mike is the bartender, tell him Paul sent you and he will set you up good. Well ladies, and gentelmen, I will now say good night. But before I go I have one last toast... This is always my first and last toast of the night... "To Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of ORAL SEX!" Drink well my blog friends and may the next week be good to you.


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