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8/15/2006 7:49 am

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New day!

Well, I am happy about the responses! A few responses via email and some via my blog. Thank you! This is a nice way to get it out! I decided to "really" share on here, why hide it? Hubby doesn't get the sexual frustration thing, who better then you all would (not implying that you all are but were here right?!).

Yesterday was interesting... I joined a chat room here and had a heck of a time keeping up on it. Guess I just need experience, huh? Yes, I'm really, really new at all this and not faking it - whats the point? If I fake it, are either one of us really happy !

So then with my son napping.. I decided to go try to find my little friend (the vibrator) whom I haven't "seen" since before our move here a few months ago. I swear I knew where it was... but its missing! Along with a box of videos and some games (uhh, not monopoly game types!) and some other stuff (oils, ben waa balls). I'm wondering if hubby found them (he knew I had them, just didn't see any purpose in them) and tossed them. Now, I find that hard to believe because for the past 3 years, he knew they were in our nighttable but.. unless the moving company people are now having fun with my stuff (gross), or its hidden in the computer room amongst other boxes... he did the unthinkable! I have my mission to find them this week. I am more concerned over finding vibbie now though! I think more so because of this dumb allowance I can't afford another one (seriously, hubby wants to see the grocery store receipts so its not even like I can say I spent $70 and really spend $50). Yeah yeah.. retirement.. college.. ok, the kid is 2! I NEED A LIFE! FUN!!

So feeling frustrated, I put on a nightie last night. Not my sexiest (I didn't feel like doing that since I was mad that he might have thrown my box away) but lets say its a little big on me so it drapes down in the front quite a bit and its short so if your not wearing panties and bend over.. you get a show. Well! He gets home from work and I'm in this (yes our son was up but going to bed w/in an hour) and I figure I'll tease him for a bit. He notices right away there is nothing underneath, well he wants to do it right in front of the baby. Uhh no. I don't want a quickie and our son needs some daddy time first. So, baby goes to bed and I ask hubby to take a shower with me (I'm thinking this is going to be foreplay and sex and I want him clean!). He says no!?!?! Doesn't feel like it. WHAT?! Too exhausting. He just wants a quickie and I'm not up for that.. so he goes and plays his computer games. So.. I went to bed like that.. frustrated. He comes to bed, snuggles, puts his hand on my breast, realizes I'm still in the nightgown and starts rubbing my nipple for about a minute, stops and falls asleep. I know he works hard and has a long day but HEAVENS! He had time to play a darn computer game for a while, couldn't he have showered and had fun with me?! Why is it unless its a quickie, its not wanted? Is it too much of an effort sometimes to shower then have more then 15 minutes of sex? Sometimes he is so good about that and others... I know I have a "healthy" sex drive but computer games vs sex?! I guess that would be like me saying Survivor vs sex? Ok, Nah, tivo it! I don't get it. I think he needs less stress or something.

TrueTxGtlman 54M

8/15/2006 1:27 pm

Reading your blog I see that there is a theme to it such as all married people here on this site. I feel for you. I wish I knew what I could do to help you. I have to say the thought of seeing a nice bottom under a short nightie.

Quickies are not very fulfilling. I don't like them either. But I would accept one at the moment. Good luck.


rm_Diddy4269 36M

8/15/2006 3:46 pm

you got me. I enjoy a quicky but if there is time to throw down on some serious love making i take it!! Sometimes us men don't know a good thing even if it sits on our face, which seems to be the case w/ your dear hubby. Maybe next time while he's playing his game go down on him and then when he's good and hard and u know he's all ansy in the pantsy stop and basically blackmail him and tell him if he wants more he better come give u some SERIOUS lovin! lol.

Just a thought...could be fun

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