Another day  

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7/21/2005 10:07 pm

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Another day

I am either getting to much sleep, or not enough. You would think I would know.

The search is continuing. Today is the first time someone has viewed my profile. Or is that viewed it and was within my interests? I'm not much into chat rooms, but maybe I'll explore one later. But, what is the best day? I would guess the weekend isn't. Who knows? You? A few views, but no comments.

Hey maybe I'll try a vanilla site. I'm sure I'll find someone with similar interests there. Yes, that was sarcasm. Pointing it out, just in case. I'm asking to much huh? Any intelligent women out there wanting to be humiliated? LOL. No really. Come on. It happens. I have been very lucky. All the women I have met through ALT were very intelligent, and knew exactly what they wanted. It's just unfortunate, I have only met one person in California. One person that has responded either to a message by me, or sent me a message. I was hoping to have at least a date or to have talked to someone from the site by this weekend.

No stories today. Is there a stigma about being a Dom? Stern, unforgiving, unpleasant? I have had good relationships that were vanilla too. There are always compromises. Interests, are just that, interests. I've done a lot, and seen a lot. I don't think I necessarily need to redo everything. There are good memories that go with things I have done in my life. It's time to make new memories.

EDIT: I need to change my moods. Yikes!

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