Dud Root Email  

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7/7/2006 5:42 pm

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Dud Root Email

>From: xxxxx>To: CairnsGroupFun
>Subject: hey there
>Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 17:55:41 +1000
>just thought id write you a quick email.... didnt want to bother you
>on msn...
>I had the most terrible sex last night, when i say terrible i mean
>the worst in every imaginable way possible...
>me and this guy have been friends for a while and he was just SHIT!
>as soon as we got our clothes off it was just so rough which was ok
>at the start until he jammed his finger in my ass...which i dont
>mind but there was no prep or anything and he was just loving it,
>and wouldnt stop it like the whole time!
>secondly he came in like 3 minutes as we were going pretty hard but
>if u cant keep it up dont start it off rough.. then when he came he
>apologised profusely and then began to rub my clit so i could come
>and it was not rubbing or anything sensual, he nearly tore it
>off!!!!!!!!!! Anway i politely told him that i was capable of doing
>it my self , and so i did.
>But anyway, i am sure u didnt need to hear all that, i just had to
>explain how shit this really was...I wil get to my point.
>Basically when i was fucking myself, I just shut my eyes and just
>started to think of you and the conversation we had that morning,
>and i came so hard all over again.... even when he was slobbering
>all over me, i managed to cum! And ur probably wondering why i am
>telling u this, well i dont really know, all i know is if i had
>someone fantising about me when they are fucking someone else, id be
>pretty god damm happy about it...
>anyway thats all from me..speak to you soon

>Not sure if you want to hear this one babe, but I couldnt stop thinkin about your email. Was lookin at your pic

thinkin about what I would like to do with you, and my mates sister walked in.
I had a pic up of this girl strapped up spread eagled. She wa a bit shocked, its a bit full on, will send it to you,

anyway, I pointed out that it is art. It instigated emotion, stirs the thoughts...has she been fucked yet? Does she want

to be there? Is she enjoying it? How many guys are there? etc.
I was actually thinking about it being you. I open a tube of wet stuff (microwave it so it is warm and feels like

cum inside you), slide it inside you as far as it will go. Squeeze a full tube of warm wetstuff deep inside your cunt.

You are tied like that girl in the photo. I pull out a box and put it on the floor, in front of you, but where you cant

see what is in it.
I place a vibrating ball on your opening. You jump a bit. I was in warm water so it is nice & warm too. I have this

stuff that makes your vagina extra sensitive, it was mixed in with the wet stuff, you dont know it but that is why you

are extra sensitive. Cant help myself & stop to take your tit in my mouth & kiss your neck.
I hit the remote as I am licking your chest & neck, & the vibrator fires up. You jump again, I slide it inside you.

You cant stop squirming, you start moaning, and cant stop, your pussy is dripping out warm wet stuff mixed with your

flowing juices everywhere, I slide another vibrator, this time a bullet, over your clit. You jump again. Your moan

doesnt stop, low, deep, throaty. I slide my cock down your throat and feel your vibration from moaning all over it. I

edge into your hungry cunt. You are having your first orgasm as I pull it out of your pussy & slide it up your ass, you

cum harder.
I place another vibrating ball on your dripping slit, your moaning is contstant, and louder now as your writhe

uncontrollably. I push the second vibrating ball inside your dripping honey pot. You cum continuosly, two vibrating

balls in your vagina, and a vibrating bullet up your ass, with another bullet already vibrating against your clit. you

are jumping around uncontrollably, letting out screams as each orgasm hits you.
It is intense but you cannot get away or make it stop, you are tied down solidly. I push another bullet into your

ass, and muffle your screams with my hard cock, pushing it all the way down your throat. You continue with your

multiples sucking my sock as perfect as you can, knowing it is the only way you can repay me for giving you all this


Oops, I forgot I was going to tell you what happened when my mates sister walked in, thats what I was thinking when she did anyway. I will right a Dud Root Email Part 2

CairnsGroupFun 45G
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5/8/2007 10:06 am

Things are picking up again, we have a venue and some help. If you would like to become a host or suppy a venue please do, or send your contact details so we can let you know what is happening, David.

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