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Cainseviltwin 37M
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3/1/2006 4:57 am

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go on, click on it!

did you guys catch my mistake two posts ago before i just now did? six limbs on three people?

I have a confession. I'm a parapalegic. I met with two others with similar conditions. I better stop, or else making fun of myself is going to turn into something that might be very offensive to someone else...

new line of thought that got started yesterday: playtime in the kitchen. It started as I was sharing a bread recipe with Lover, and started imagining naked baking with her. Flour all over each other, perhaps using the gyrations of our bodies to knead a huge pile of dough. How about a room-sized pizza, so we can roll around in sauce and throw toppings and cheese at each other? Now there is a fetish that might freak me out if someone described it to me! "yea, it would be sooo hot if we all made a giant pizza"

am i the only one whose imagination gets almost uncomfortably strange sometimes?

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