besides getting caught ...  

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1/30/2006 8:29 am

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besides getting caught ...

okay, because my life is boring, i am just going to write more about the last encounter, which premiered in my previous blog, the random fuckers.

I actually really wanted to try and capture the moment of lying on my back, on a blanket, in the woods, on a beautiful day, with a gorgeous woman on top of me doing wonderful things to me. Because it was amazing. i am the kind of person that can get lost in natural beauty. So just looking up at an azure sky with birds flying overhead, gnarled, twisted, amazing trees towering and thrusting branches around, florida swamp moss hanging in artistic thwumps from the branches -- that was amazing enough. and then She was there, holding my down, being very clear that i was to lie still while she used my body. So while these slaps, waves, and tentacles of pleasure toyed with my neural net, i enjoyed noticing details of the forest around me. A cleverly strung spiderweb above us and off to the right, with its master sitting serenely at the center. The convolutions of bark on the tree near my head that sucked my eyes in, sort of like she was sucking another part of me in, but not as wet. These glimpses, though, would be between the moments when her head was near mine. She would tease me, almost kissing me, and i couldn't stop my head rising to try and meet hers. That would get me pushed back down. The whole sequence made me hot as hell.. And then she'd be on another part of me, and i'd have to restrain myself of my own accord, and find another bird, or leaf, to keep my attention.

In any case, it was not an experience I will forget, even before the whole interruption part.

peace, love, and monkey business

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