a very arousing surprise  

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1/19/2006 9:39 pm

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a very arousing surprise

my mind is going a mile a minute. It has been probably a month since i got together for sex with Lover, and tomorrow is the day, thank ::insert your chosen holy power here::

so besides thinking about all the fun i'm going to have, which would be MORE than enough to keep my mind occupied ... i could write for hours and not capture the color and excitement that my brain gives to the imaginative anticipation. but beside all that, today lover asks me a new question ...

the small backstory is that for a while, we've been playing with the idea of having a threesome with another guy. camille is choosy about her guys, though, which is god because i am, too. so finding not only a bi guy, but one that would pass the tests, wasn't looking good. just as a very excellent prospect was coming into reach -- she had even met him and approved of his abilities -- she left town for tampa. bakcstory complete.

so today, she suggests that it would probably be easier to find a female third than a male one, and maybe we should try that, as she is also bi-curious. Now i wouldn't be telling the truth if i said this had never crossed my mind at all, because i'm a man ... but it was always those fleeting sort of thoughts that flit in and out as a happy little image that i never even considered seriously, never even thought to consider. I was very interested in the MFM idea. but by the time Lover had mentioned it, and drawn me two mental pictures, i was sitting at my desk with pants that felt suddenly tight in the crotch. Mental image the first was something about how she thought it would be a great time to have her and another woman both on their knees in front of me, takign turns giving me head. This is a potent fantasy, this is. I was of the mind that i could find a wonderful way to keep both of my hands busy at the same time. Then she added the idea of sitting on third's face while i am fucking third. In my head i added that she and i were facing each other and making out. And i could really get into having two women riding me at once, face and cock... such a rich subject for the imagination. I guess i never started critically thinking about how much pleasure could be had in this way. So now i have to get a better idea what her type is for women.

and since the mention of alcohol drew comments last time, i'll also mention that my choice of beverage for tomorrow is indeed mead. back to wine next time, maybe.

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