a fertile imagination?  

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5/2/2006 5:51 am

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a fertile imagination?

with apologies to playrigal, this is not a blog talking about the new person I connected with and should be meeting later this week. I'm not talking about it any more than that in part because i don't want to write down a bunch of thoughts that could give me some expectations of how the meeting will go. Without expectations guiding an experience, a wider variety of possibilities can develop from it, i think.

This going to be an incredibly boring blog if i can't think of something else to write. And nothing is coming. Maybe a little story ...

I used to have a job where I traveled a lot within my designated area, which was the ever-so-exciting state of Iowa. While I don't generally appreciate people saying deprecating things about Iowa being nothing, nowhere, and full of hicks and bumkins, neither am I going to be advertising it as a great place to vacation, unless you are a huge fan of corn. Anyway, I was on the road, had reached a hotel, and was watching some random movie or something until I was very nearly asleep. You know, those few minutes when you're slowly falling into a much more relaxed state, the world gets a bit fuzzy at the edges, and dreams are surfacing in the till of a fertile imagination. It was in just that state that something come in through my window. I'm drowsily considering why a roadside motel owner would leave windows open in the middle of an Iowa winter, not to mention how it is that the room is actually quite warm, when i rather suddenly realize that standing at the foot of my bed is a pale-skinned woman. Her hair is black, full, and in waves well past her shoulders, framing a carefully featured face with piercing green eyes and full, wonderful lips. Her body is incredible, curves and lines that I'd never have thought possible -- or maybe its just so amazing because she seems to be wearing nothing but mist. This strange filmy cloud that is constantly shifting around her, wrapping her exactly as I want to wrap myself around her, revealing seductive glances of flesh ...

yea, see, that was my story of an encounter with a Succubus in rural Iowa. i'm tired of it, now.

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