Ode to lady in the fast lane  

Cageman3000 37M
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8/16/2006 8:22 pm

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12/27/2006 1:24 pm

Ode to lady in the fast lane

Your sassiness emanates like the wet metal stanky smell from your rusty tail pipe. As you smoke I admire your blue tinted windows of your hatchback. The bubbles in the tint scream proudly “I did this myself.” The blue sets off the brown of the now rusty paint job. Oh lady, I do remember how popular that was circa 1985, even though I was only six years old. The stiffness of your feathered mullet says; party in the back, but butch enough to open a can of whoop ass in the front. Now lady I might imagine you think I am being harsh, picking on you as I am from the comfort of my own German car. I assure you lady you have brought this on yourself. I respect the laws of the road and you do not. You drive in the fast lane lady, but you only go sixty-five in a seventy mile per hour zone. You might refute that I should not be driving ninety miles per hour, but honestly lady, that is none of your business. I sympathize that you might have been rode hard and put away wet, It doesn’t look like the decades have been kind to you, oh eighties lady. Speaking of the number eighty, oh how my car hates to go slow. I plead to you lady please pick another lane, the middle lane or the right lane are perfectly suited for you. As I pass you in the right lane I glare at you hoping you feel my vibe through the Def Lepard mix tape your ex-boyfriend made you. Oh yes lady, I do admire your at home tint job but please drive in the right lane.

rm_MiVidaLoca25 38F
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12/23/2006 7:53 pm


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