CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/12/2005 12:10 pm

Last Read:
7/21/2006 7:37 am


O.K. Doesn't have to be songs, sayings, whatever. It can just be a question or comment. SO, ASK ME SOMETHING !!!! Don't make me beg !!!! Cabo!!!!

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

10/7/2005 11:25 am

When is the last time you have told me you worship me?

Not nice to play with a goddess' emotions like that...


Always The Bitch

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/21/2005 7:07 pm

Ahh....Talldark my dad...although you are very wise in the ways of the Jedi, you should have known that I knew the answer...I was merely testing you to see if you knew that I knew, and that you wouldn't think that I knew that you knew you were only testing me !!!

I've been with her for 26 years, how could I not know ??? You know.
Peace Dear Far Away Father !!! Cabo-Le-Space-Between-Le-Ears-O !!!

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/21/2005 6:59 pm

Okyme, alas, since I've never served in the armed forces, I had to make my best guess. Thank your husband for the info ! One question though: If you're under attack, how do you get the items from the top of the pole ? Inquiring minds want to know !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

rm_talldarkavg1 107M
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9/21/2005 2:29 pm

Alas Cabo my son...although the force is strong in you ... you are not yet a Jedi. The perfect mate is that one person for whom you abandon all others.

[blog talldarkavg1]

okyme 53F

9/20/2005 9:31 pm

Well cabo from what My husband (who says hes always right) on top of the flag pole (on a army base) is a match , razor, and bullet.....take the razor to shed the flag, burn it, then use the bullet to kill yourself/.....let them take no prisoners ....lol typical male attitude

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
637 posts
9/20/2005 9:37 am

AHH !!! xx 44DD xx, Unfortunately, only in my dreams !!! Money constraints & work schedule make it impossible !!! Do me a favor, have some fun for me if you get to go !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

xx_44DD_xx 52F

9/20/2005 6:39 am

Are you coming to the Chicago Convention?

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/17/2005 4:08 pm

Okyme, not sure how I managed to get the last line partially in there again !!! Sorry 'bout that !!! Cabo-El-Chicken-Ablo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/17/2005 4:04 pm

In, or on ? In the top, I can only guess metal, or if you're talking about the ball on top, I'd say brass.

Who came first ? Depends on who had the best vibrator !!! Seriously though, I believe the chicken. Since chickens lay eggs, then, if they're fertilized , they hatch and become chickens. If no rooster is around, they become breakfast !!!

Thanks for the questions, Okyme !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

fertilized by the rooster, they hatch and become chickens

okyme 53F

9/17/2005 1:06 am

what is in the top of the pole of the american flag on a army base?
and who came first the chicken or the egg?

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/16/2005 3:30 pm

C'mon man, The Karate Kid won !!! Mr. Vai did most of the shredding, of course, but, Ry Cooder did the slide guitar work. I've gotta say, Ralph Macchio did a very good job of faking it !!!

I read in Guitar World magazine, that several people asked Steve if Ralph did his own playing !!! I can't remember who coached Ralph, but they did good !!! I've got the movie, & I've almost worn the tape out watching that scene over and over !!!

You commented in an earlier post about Spanish Fly. I assume you're talking about Eddie's on VH II ??? Yeah !!! That would be something to master !!! What about the intro to Mean Street ??? Also, Cathedral on Diver Down ??? And Intruder, the Pretty Woman intro ??? Or 316 for that matter !!! On 1986's Live Without A Net, and 1991's Live: "Right here, Right now, the guitar solo's are killer !!! Peace Bro !!! Cabo !!!

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/16/2005 3:18 am

Luke, don't worry about the party man !!! Just giving U a hard time, like Big Brothers do !!! If I'd swung by, I'd have known it was going on, so my fault as well. O.K., "The Contest", I'll partake, or
not, but, I wouldn't bet any money on me, if I were U !!! Cabo !!!

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/16/2005 3:08 am

Vader my dad...ahhh.....pretty sneaky, asking the un-answerable question !!! For U see, there IS no perfect mate !!! Many men have foolishly tried to find this by combineing many women, which might work, until the women find out !!! Peace Pops !!! Cabo !!!

rm_luke69iner 49M
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9/15/2005 8:53 pm

Alright Bro i got an invite for you ... it's not a party this time though ... i promise you'll be the first to know if i ever do that again ... and i'm apologizing here on your blog for not getting the word to you Bro ... i just didn't want to seem like a big loser going to peoples blogs and inviting them to some weird cyber party concept i was trying ... sorry to let pride get in the way

anyhoo, i'm doing "The Contest" thing like they did on Seinfeld if you want to partake ... or more accurately ... not partake ... so far the ladies are confident they are going to win


oh and here


Goddess is right that is funny

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

rm_talldarkavg1 107M
10172 posts
9/14/2005 11:54 am

Cabo my son...what is the perfect mate?

[blog talldarkavg1]

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
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9/14/2005 3:09 am

DCE, Thank you !!! Finally some questions !!!

Briefs, would like to go commando, but, physical activity at work causes too much sweat, chafeing, etc. !!!

All 3, depending on mood, and or time of year !!!

Pepsi-Coke, Hmmmmm.....Both ways on that one, plus other soft drinks as well. Sweet tea, top choice !!!

Mary Ann, Definitely !!! Funny you should ask that question, have you read my post on dirty song lyrics ??? One of my creations is: Feel-a-gins Isle, which of course is Gilligan's Isle. Strangely enough, I actually met Dawn Welles a couple of years ago !!! Very nice lady.

O.K., DCEbony, Sorry for the rambling, but I can't seem to stick with one word answers very well !!! Thank You Again !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

1586 posts
9/13/2005 6:32 pm

Cabo -

Boxers or briefs?

Shaved, trimmed or natural?

Pepsi or Coke?

Ginger or Mary-Ann?

I think that's a good start. Answer at your leisure.

Best regards,

CaboWaboVHnut 57M
637 posts
9/13/2005 12:51 am

OH BOY !!! Well, I asked for it didn't I ??? O.K., here we go. I know this is childish, but I'll post one of my favorite song screw up's. Have you ever heard of the band Head East ? Probably not, they only had 1 hit song, it's title: Save My Life, I'm Going Down for the Last Time.............My Version....SHAVE MY WIFE, I'm going down for the last time !!!! I know ! I know ! Pure poetry !!!! Peace to you Goddess, Cabo !!!!

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
11240 posts
9/12/2005 1:47 pm


lol ....

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