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I've been waiting for your call, getting hotter by the moment. The anticipation has built and I feel the pressure of heat building in my pussy aching for you. Your voice over the phone has me driven to touch myself, as you chat about the events of your day I can't help but to let my fingers linger on my nipple, with your laughter I tweak myself. As I let out a breath of excitement you've picked up on my mood and response with a reply that you want me. I beg you to come to me as soon as possible, being that it's the holidays, you explain that I'll have to wait. We finish our chat with longing goodbyes; I sit staring into space seeing your arms reach out for me. Within minutes I feel your grip tighten around me as we en gulp into a heat of passion. Thou it's only in my mind I lay on my bed and remember your breath as it heats up my neck and you bite me ever so lightly.My hand reaches for my breast again as I imagine your lips on them. I squeeze my thighs together trying to avoid a battle my control of my body, yet lose the fight and spread my legs as I feel my pulse increase. Dreaming of our conversation which you told me of the things your going to do to me, has my hands reaching to my pussy lips as I turn my vibrator on. I tease myself around my clit with the head of my vibrator and hear my moans, wishing I could share with you. The thought of you eating me out has my pussy dripping wet before I even place my vibrator inside of my pussy. Just a touch of the motion and the release of pressure is to explode, I cry out and feel myself cum with a force of a wave that rocks me to tears. GOD how I want you!


lucky22660 58M

12/27/2005 1:45 am

i'd love to meetu and share all the sexual experiences u want e-mail me

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