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Yes it been a while since I've written anything good, part of that is because I haven't had anything to write. So let's dig into my mine and see what
we can find, ....humm..
We were watching TV, sitting on your couch, I dozed a bit with my head in your lap, you were heavily involved in the "Who do it " type of movie; I had already figured it out.
When the movie was over you started to stir, bouncing my head off your lap. I turned to face you and was greeted by a huge hard cock, (one of my favorite ways to wake up)I processed to dig in the silk shorts you had on til I found flesh, I worked your cock til it was untangled from the fabric, then placed my mouth on the shaft and greeted it with warm, wet kisses. You laid further back and let me explore, I went to sucking on you like there was no tomorrow. The folds between your balls and your thighs are wonderful, you smell so good there, not many men realize just how much smell plays a part in sucking off, but it's either a turn on or a turn off for me. And yours is definitely a turn on; I love the soft, smooth silky like skin just under the balls.
Of course my face gets hit with your balls while I suck there but that's OK, I know you like the feel of my eyelashes tickling your balls as I suck. I love the line of your sack too.
The way it gathers and unfolds as I suck just thrills me knowing your filling back up for me. After a time playing I get back to the base of your shaft, I know you and know it's going to be a long time before you cum. I tease your cock with my tongue and when I have to catch my breath I move my exposed tit's to wrap around your shaft. Your arms around me gently caressing me, I go back down on your cock and work my mouth up and down, tighter and tighter around your cock, increasing the speed. Feeling your cock triple in size, feeling the heat and the tightening of your body as your holding back for an explosion I've yet to have. The tensions is thick in the air, your ready to cum and holding.
I'm wet wanting you, the smell is intense, finally you explode in my mouth, it shoots to the back of my throat, I swallow as fast as I can but you have so much. You let out a loud grunt as your cum overflows my mouth and flows out and down your still hard shaft, after I've gotten back my sense's I lick up your thick, gooey cum from your shaft to your belly.
As I'm doing so you get hard again and we adjourn to the bed room for more fun....


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