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7/24/2005 10:44 am

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Mmm,,, thinking I need some new pic.'s here.

Good Morning other fellow horny mothers, (hahaha), can any one figure out the group of instruction about changing type, and fonts,that appear here on the side of the blog's; if so please explain them to me in ENGLISH!

Ok, so it's the morning of another boring crummy night. A crap load of sex chat, many beggars to see cam, a couple of invite's to view, 2 hassle over my word "no" and to many effects to contact another later, I gave up and called it a night. I even mistook a instant message from one guy thinking it was another; only to find out it was the son of the second one (figure it out, took me a while to in the conversation I was having). I've considered how much time I actually spend on the subject of sex a day; I'm not referring to longing for, or hunting, I mean chatting or helping over on the computer, or answering mail about it, and then there's the setting up actions. Although there are many friends, many plans to make the getting together via computer is like playing phone tag with a machine part that's hard to find, or the special child's toy you have to hunt for at Christmas, you know what I mean.
Anyway, woke up this morning with an attitude that I must keep attempting to clean house, especially if I keep planning to have people over. As you see, my addiction to reveal my cluttered brain of thoughts (good or bad), sex or not, have won my fight for time.
I must have been crazy to think I could find a "regular" muck buddy here, a huge amount of one night stands, seems to be JUST ABOUT all that's on here. I do have my repeaters, but not as many as I expected. Laughing at myself out loud because I know for a fact that I get bored to fast with the same old, same old; but looking for that one on one that doesn't bore me.Which reminds me of a question I was asked last night (and a good spot to stop rambling): Has my fellow reads every been with a family related gathering of the same sex, at the same time? Example: father/son, mother/daughter type thing, if so please comment. {Ramblings haven't stopped} I have been with two brothers at the same time but the age between them, was a year or two. Also a father, and next his son, but I've never had a tag team play at the same time of the same family before.
Another thought I've had this morning, as anyone had a sex party from here and a open invite? If so what were the results and any suggestions? Ok enough for now.....

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7/24/2005 11:46 am

Creamy 1st the color ... then to end the color

have been with sisters, not at same time 2 different sets of sisters...botht instances the ladies were so different from each other. Not a problem as far as I could tell from one set of sisters but the the other, more recent, very competitive/jealous...upon realization had to resist the opportunity unfortunately, didn't want to get caught in the fray or be the catalyst of a fight. Have known them for more than 15 yrs now and way too volatile to be around that evening.

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7/24/2005 12:00 pm

Can't say I've ever done a family, or for that matter part of one. You don't happen to have a sister do you....LOL.

Now if you didn't have to go and live so dang far away we could solve 2 boredom problems at once. I'm not quite sure I would qualify as regular though. I'm more of an irregular husky.

I'll try to find something exciting to put in my blog to entertain you. ><

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7/24/2005 7:39 pm

OK, you're such a sweety I'll tell you the secret of the stuff on the side of the posts. Of course I'm not sure I can without actually doing what those little thingies (I believe they're called HTML tags) do, so here goes.

Things in brackets [ ] tell the computer (well actually the website) to do things like change color or size or make bold and putting a / inside the bracket in front of the command turns it off.

so if you put a b in brackets in front of and a /b in brackets behind what you want bold it does THIS

the same thing with an i instead of a b does itallics

turn it BLUE when you use color blue and /color

size 10 and /size Makes it either big or small I won't know till this sucker posts.

Then again I won't know if any of this shit does anything till it posts....so much for instant gratification.

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7/25/2005 4:06 am

good day to you gorgeous dreamy creamy, i did once have the chance with 2 sisters but i blew it because i didnt realise that they both wanted to fuck, i mean they didnt tell me that they were into that sort of thing and if you had of met them you would of thought the same, it wasnt till a year or so later when i bumped into one of them and she told me? that i even knew, thanks sweetie i told her, why not now? make up for lost time i said, we dont do it anymore we,ve grown out of it she said, the minx,so i missed out again,had a great time last night though, one of the best,hope your getting wet often with like minded adults? love and wet kisses
sven xxxxxxx

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