Puddle Jumping...  

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8/19/2005 6:37 am

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Puddle Jumping...

* Thank you noexcuses for this idea topic.

Puddle jumping at first I thought he meant me being jumped so I asked him to explain. I was quite pleased and surprised to hear him reply "so many people on here jump from one person to the next". And he is so right!
Although I'm open minded and like to play the field, I think sometimes we're all missing a point; if your not married, on here, and go through the trouble of hooking up with someone then aren't you at least interested in how the person feels? Or what their are all about? Women maybe more guilty of this than men, I'm not sure. I know for myself, I get my it matters about how others feel about me. If it didn't I wouldn't put on my makeup, fix the house, or have everything that would be needed at hand next to my bed.
As far as emotions go; yes, I've been hurt some,I've wanted more from some more than others. Knowing that we come to meet each other on a site such as this does mean "no strings attached" but it would be nice to know after you've fooled around with someone, you'll see them again. These guys that make it sound as if they want more than a one night stand are full of shit if they think the women don't know better; my problem is I've believed some of them. I know I should know better, but if I give up hope, I might as well start charging for sex. Think about it, you like whores or women?

Thank you for reading this.


noexcuses2005 48M
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8/19/2005 8:11 am

Thank you for the acknoledgement CP. I think that anyone that reads my profile will see that I am not here for no strings fun......and I am certainly not here to cause pain in others lives....that to me is what is more important than anything. I know I still do at times but I than whatever is responsible for allowing me to be in touch with that part of my own reality. Live how you want to, please at least try and not create harm in others lives while doing it.

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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8/19/2005 11:50 pm

Women every time.

overworkedloon 57M
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8/21/2005 6:08 pm

I don't think I've ever been with anyone I didn't want to be with again.

rm_abebb 60M
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8/25/2005 3:04 am

i have always made it a point not to sleep with any women, i would have a problem waking up next to the following day. i have definitely turned it down in the past when it was offered to me if did not feel i could not deal with seeing the person again or talking with them or whatever. that dose not necessarily mean that i have never had one night stands. i just made it clear that i was a free agent and not seeking any kind of ltr before sleeping with the person. i was never the kind of guy to say, "oh shit there is that bitch i fucked last weekend" and head for the back door. i have always slept with women i felt attracted too. i did not believe in doing it for old glory or what the hell mercy shot or whatever. there was a girl i went to high school with and i always had the hots for her. she ended up having a kid with her boyfriend who was also a guy i went to high school with. everything was a mess, he wouldn't owe up to the kid being his, he was into this big denial thing. anyway, some years later i run into her, one thing leads to another and we were fooling around in my car. she wanted to come home with me but said she wanted to see me again like for a relationship. at that point, it did not want a relationship with anybody, much less get involved with her situation. i told her i couldn't promise her anything other than comforting her for the evening and of course my being civil to her the next time i saw her. she started crying, that nobody wanted her and i felt bad for her. so we didn't end up sleeping together. then her brother, who i also went to school runs into me a few weeks later and confronted me, what did i do to his sister she came home crying over me. i was like hoss, i didn't sleep with your sister because i respected her. i could have taken advantage of her vulnerability and i didn't. he was bent out of shape because i rejected his sister. but my sister wants to go out with you he says. i say i know and that is why i did not sleep with her. he just stood there scratching his head. from what i understand, my fiend who was the father of her child eventually came to his senses and started doing the right thing by this girls. this all happened about 18 years ago. God am i getting old.

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8/25/2005 1:27 pm

Thanks guys, I feel better about how I take things, knowing there's hope still out there...

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