I must have balls...  

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12/2/2005 1:34 am

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I must have balls...

My last post touch my soul (not to mention other parts) but if a man can do it why can't I? So, I'm going to try to give it a shot:
>>!1.?: my first was a total stranger, premature ejection (welcome to the world of sex; you can't always get what your after). In the sand, bug's and all.
>>!2. D.H.: Thinks he was my first, again, no stars or fireworks. But what should I expect from a guy that used his car like a motel room. I remember once I was giving him a bj with him in the driver's seat and he ended up cumming in my ear...we had the laughs though.
>>!3.Greg: What a waste. Always wanted it but couldn't last but a few pumps and he was spent, but we did fuck in the elevator.
>>!4.Eddie: OH MY GOD!, Let's talk about a huge , thick cock! When he came, I couldn't swallow all of it, some would run out of my mouth and dribble back down his cock, but he could cumm and turn around and go again. He was great, but no sense of humor, showed up at his door nude with sock-it-to-me saying's all over my body and a trench coat. He grabbed my arm and jerked me in the door way and said, "Get in that bath room and wash that shit off now", I felt like a scourged kid. He got the peter-pan attitude at Christmas, and I didn't want to get married.

>>!5.Robert:Tall,beard cut close to the face; black hair, black eyes. Very sexy looking, a man that no matter where we went I felt all eyes go straight to him...he was gorgeous and could fuck... We went to a log cabin one Sunday on a lake and spent the whole day doing nothing but fucking. I couldn't walk the next day, the B.O.S. worked across the street for where I worked, and he laughed at me all day. But he got to my house before I did and my room mates let him run a bath for me so that when I got home there was a nice warm bath waiting. I didn't feel comfortable with him. All the women where I worked wanted him and spoke about it, I ignored him...guess thats one of the reason's he asked me out in the first place.
>>!6.Nick:My ex fiancees', my soul mate, sex was great, he was great. I fucked up and that was the end of that; I swore I would become a nun if we every broke up....well God got me on that one and gave me Multiple Sclerosis instead.
>>!7.D.: 1st man on the site I went out with after 7 years of nothing, he was OK, but nothing for me.
Well, I'll stop there, I don't like to mention the men on here unless it's the day after and I have a post to write about. Besides, they know who they are. It's funny, I even have a few guy's asking for me about write them. I need a job paid under the table, think I could get one from writing? Enough, have a good one.


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