Fun in the sun  

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7/25/2005 6:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fun in the sun

A hot afternoon and we're baking in the sun, you reach for my hand and we run to the ocean to cool off; we begin to play, splashing, laughing and enjoying each other. You pull me to you, looking into my eyes we kiss. You reach down, grab my ass, and pulling me to you; I can feel you getting harder. You slide your hand inside the bottom of my suit, running it over my ass, applying a little squeeze,then around to my pussy. Breaking our kiss to pull me tighter, as your fingers find my clit. You look around to seeing people walking and playing on the beach, and feel the excitement of doing something taboo, as the waves sway us back and forth. You whisper into my ear, " I want you now", and I reach for your cock, as you slip my suit down. I help guide you into me feeling a delight as a mixture of salt water, my wetness greets the ridges and creases of your cock as you inter me. We sway with the waves as our rhythm increase. You stop and turn me around so my back is too you, as you slide your cock deep into me. Feeling my hot pussy gripping your cock, you feel around your fingers reaching over to my clit. Pulling up your other hand to play with my nipples, pinching them as you work my clit. I feel your cock start to throb in my pussy, and excited not for just that; but knowing that people are swimming by just a few yards away. Your balls begin to tighten and I feel your cock swell, I know your about to cumm, so I grip my pussy muscles tighter and send you over the edge and reach down to squeeze your balls. I feel you exploding inside me. As you pull me tighter to you up as your spasms subside and you can breath again. You lean over nibbling on my neck, and I whisper, "Just think, this is JUST the first day of our vacation".

overworkedloon 57M
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7/25/2005 11:41 am

Goodness.....I give you a 9.5 on this one. And so early in the morning too. Your mind is such a fun place.

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