A Wonderful Man...  

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9/28/2005 1:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Wonderful Man...

OK, I've just spent another night online either in a chat room or one on one IM's; I have know idea what other people have on their minds but I go into chat rooms to chat the day's topic and yes, tell a little about what I like.
Recently a few men have asked me what I like (all hell, they always ask), so here is the jest of it all.
I like a man to take charge of me, show me he's glad to be with me while treating me like a lady. I remember one guy from here made me feel like a delicate flower, and increased the intensive of our play as the rhyme increased. After holding my head while kissing me, he held my body close to him and I felt the lust building. Not just the horny feelings, but true lust. He showed me he was all man, and "HE" was going to take care of me for the night. I relaxed in his arms and felt like tons of water was being lifted off my body. Next I remember was the way he kissed every inch of my body and explored me as if he had never seen a woman before caresses,light kisses and a lot of touching. When he first entered me, he held the sides of my head so that I was looking him straight in the eyes and I felt my wet pussy glide his cock right in. He had eaten me so thoroughly, that I felt my cum surround his cock as my my muscles milked him. We moved to several different positions as our bodies begged for satisfaction. Then the tension could go no higher and I felt him tighten up from his legs thru his body as I actually felt his cum hit the back of my walls of my pussy as we came.....wow, what a hot heavy load.
Now that I would love to re-live. It all depends on what type of attention and mood one is in for playing.


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12/1/2005 1:24 am

lol nice one, you sure can write good sex storys. Maybe you should write some for books or mags, i would love to read them ^_-

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